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Vote for iBasis for Best IPX Provider

We are proud to announce that iBasis has made it on the shortlist for Best IPX Provider for the Carrier World Awards 2017! This is an achievement in and of itself as it shows the market that iBasis is a very prominent player in this field as well as our achievements so far:

  • 20 years of IP experience and VoIP interoperability
  • One of the first global service providers to establish an IPX interconnect, compliant with GSMA standards
  • First to implement international HD voice calling over IPX between two 3G mobile operator
  • Unique Open Peering Policy, the widest LTE reach with 480+ LTE destinations, resulting in the largest number of IPX peering partners and the most complete reach for LTE Roaming
  • Leading in LTE signaling and GRX hubbing, most countries with in-service IPX customers, connecting over 100 countries
  • Sophisticated market intelligence and fraud prevention with InVision & FraudAlert
  • Investment in next generation IPX services and supporting growing and emerging demands from the global IoT market.
  • Successful implementation of first commercial interconnection for international live VoLTE services

Now that we are put on the short list, we naturally aim to win. In order to do so, we need to gather as many votes as we can. Can we count on yours too?

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