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Inspiration Abounds at WAS#7 in Dubai

Amidst the vibrant and exotic atmosphere of Dubai, the 7th Wholesale Agreements & Solutions conference was an inspiring gathering of the global roaming and IPX community, organized by GSMA and enabled by EDCH.

Operators, IPX vendors, software vendors, analysts, all gathered to exchange ideas, meet new people and make deals. We enjoyed lively conversations with operators that are juggling IoT roaming opportunities and threats, VoLTE roaming introduction, security issues, traffic explosions, budget cuts, vendor inflexibilities, quality issues as they search for partners to jointly approach the uncertainties of an evolving world.

In the his second year of Roam like home, there were many conversations about how to better understand your needs in terms of flexibility and predictability and how to gain better visibility on traffic patterns, roaming quality and individual roamer quality of experience. Security, not only in an all-IP network but also in SS7 and the impact of IoT, was also a key discussion topic.

As a result of IoT devices proliferating the market, roaming traffic is continuing to soar, while roaming revenues remain under pressure.  From an IPX perspective, we are observing the continuing trend of needing to do more for less. More quality, more security, more bandwidth, more signaling, more services and more analytics. During WAS#7, most of the discussions were about reciprocity and partnering — excellent news as it is  our core focus. We are dedicated to establishing partnerships that help you leverage our voice, mobile, roaming and IoT businesses. And all fitting within a reciprocal business model, that can be tailored to budget requirements.

If you wish to hear more about how we can work together to craft a flexible business model please feel free to email me at


Chris LennartzChris Lennartz is responsible for Signaling and Mobile (Value Added) Data Services. He’s also driving the adoption of LTE Roaming by developing a complete solution, looking at new business models and working on defining technology roadmaps. Besides that, Chris is an active advocate in open peering policy for multi-service IPX.


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