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Ksubaka + iBASIS

Delivering a seamless experience.

Ksubaka is a leading provider of retail technology solutions that engage customers, facilitate offline-to-online (O2O) ordering and harvest rich insights into customer behaviour and attitudes. Using gamified experiences, playful surveys and their product discovery platform (Cloudshelf), they transform the way brands and retailers engage, research and monetise their shoppers, while enhancing their overall journey.  Ksubaka has helped retailers and brands deploy more than 10,000 playSpots touch screens in 150 cities and 1500+ store locations.

To maximize the impact of these experiences, Ksubaka’s platforms installed around the world must be free from unnecessary connectivity problems, delays or downtime. Ksubaka leverages the unparalleled capacity of iBASIS’s open eSIM as a single source to reach all operators serving a particular region. When other providers may not be able to deliver seamless connectivity, iBASIS enables Ksubaka to automatically shift network to avoid that downtime.


  • Global IoT connectivity performance quality and reliability ensures optimum customer interaction platforms for world-leading brands from Tesco to Auchan.
  • iBASIS portal delivers sophisticated data visibility unparalleled in competing solutions – API feeds enable Ksubaka to manage their fleet and proactively detect and prevent downtime before it happens.
  • Streamlined connectivity management with preset APNs for automatic loading
  • Customized implementation for specific retail requirements
  • Cost-effective solution delivered with specialized support

“Even though retail stores have strong central control, various locations have really different conditions, from electricity to connectivity. We rely on having very stable connectivity. This is key to our IP, because our differentiation is in the live, real-time response from shoppers in the store.

For us, the choice of iBASIS is about data mobility. We want to send our devices all around the world and cannot be tied to a single network. If a customer wants 20 trials tomorrow, I can fulfill this request with the full confidence that regardless of when, where, and how, we will be connected to the absolute best possible network.”

Zahid Tanvir
Director of Operations, Ksubaka


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