iBASIS Launches End-to-End Mobile Messaging Monetization Partnering with AMEEX Mobile Exchange

AMEEX mobile

Lexington, MA – iBASIS, the leading communications solutions provider enabling operators and digital players worldwide, announces today it selected AMEEX Mobile Exchange, a global independent provider of SMS solutions for mobile operators and enterprises, as partner to launch its suite of end-to-end Mobile Messaging solutions to enhance the monetization of SMS.

iBASIS’ mobile messaging solutions will include application to person mobile messaging (A2P) for real time communications and SMS firewall solutions to protect mobile operators against illegitimate routes usage.

“We carefully selected the ideal partner and look forward to engaging with AMEEX to help our customers fully monetize the booming business of A2P Mobile Messaging worldwide. AMEEX brings the most substantial technology credentials and business knowledge in the mobile messaging area,” says Alexandre Pébereau, Tofane Global Group CEO.

Eric Barbier, CEO of AMEEX Mobile Exchange comments, “The selection process to be iBASIS’ partner in delivering mobile messaging solutions, is a strong seal of approval for AMEEX’s technology and services for P2P, A2P and SMS Firewall services. The potential to rapidly monetize SMS traffic is enormous and we are very excited to secure this opportunity with the iBASIS’ team.”

”The A2P SMS opportunity for mobile operators must be delivered with a complex blend of reporting, filtering and analytics solutions that enable delivers discerning business level decisions. With AMEEX, we now offer a high-quality, high-availability SMS solution for global coverage, with the simplicity and protection they require,” adds Patrick George, EVP Product and Business Development at iBASIS.


iBASIS is the leading communications solutions provider enabling operators and digital players worldwide to perform and transform. Powered by Tofane Global, iBASIS represents an estimated USD 1+ billion in annual revenue, is the third largest wholesale voice operator, ranks Top 3 LTE IPX vendor, serves 1,000+ customers worldwide and brings together 300 employees across 18 offices worldwide. For more information, visit www.iBASIS.com.

ABOUT AMEEX Mobile Exchange

AMEEX is the operator of a global data network of mobile messaging solutions in the Middle East, Africa and beyond. AMEEX offers a wide range of solutions that empower mobile operators and enterprises to connect their subscribers to an expansive international mobile community that spans 83 countries, which are connected by 900 mobile networks. The solutions include global person to person (P2P) interconnection, application to person mobile messaging (A2P) for real time communication. For more information, visit www.ameex-mobile.com or contact info@ameex-mobile.com.

How SS7 Analytics Can Optimize Your Business Profitability

SMS Fraud is estimated to cost the messaging industry $7.7 billion annually in lost revenue*. Multiple initiatives are being taken to protect consumers and the industry’s revenues.  iBasis takes the SMS fraud problem seriously  and  has developed an innovative, cost effective method to identify SMS fraud, ensuring you can protect your customers and your revenue.

Our approach relies on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in order to develop advanced software that can immediately impact your business. Artificial Intelligence provides a  powerful advantage in combatting fraud  enabling you to proactively protect against fraud  rather than having to wait to be impacted by SMS fraud and it also eliminates the need to investment in large deployment projects.

We recently enhanced InVision, our powerful analytical software suite, to continuously meet high level of security that the SS7 environment requires. Our latest SS7 analytics developments include:

  • Fraud issues classification based on real time importance
  • Network operation department support to focus on the most important ongoing problem.
  • Instant SMS fraud Identification, at no additional cost, as part of the advanced SS7 analytics capabilities!

InVision SMS fraud discovery and alarming, complying with IR71 and IR82, deployed on top of our SS7 service, enables you to rapidly reduce the reduction in the amount of revenue that is eroded by sophisticated SMS schemes at no extra cost.

InVision is a turn-key solution that does not require any CAPEX investment or support costs.  And there are no limitations on scale.

With InVision SS7 you will be immediately alerted about possible fraud cases and will be able to quickly access the phone numbers, IMSI’s and network equipment used to commit fraud enabling you to instantly take actions to stop any fraud activity to protect and improve your business’ profitability.

Contacts us to discuss with us what we can do to support you in protecting your revenues.

*Capacity Media, June 2018

Origin Based Rating – The iBasis A-Numbering Handling Solution

The way of buying and selling voice calls in the EEA has evolved in the last few years. Voice traffic terminating in many European destinations and comprising nearly 20% of the world market is now subject to multiple rates, depending on where the call comes from.

In the past carriers used to charge for calls based on the destination and on the location where a call was terminated. This made rating very straight forward. In the last few years however, to increase their profits, carriers modified their operations to bill calls based on their origination in addition to the destination.

Understanding this complex routing and billing is critical, especially for the operators that do not have capability to route and bill multiple rates for a single destination. Those providers have a tough decision to make – accept the costly surcharges, chase the business away, invest in development to support MMTR routing and rating, or find a trusted carrier to handle it for them.

For quite some time now, iBasis is in the position to help its partners and provide solutions that route and rate calls based on the origination of a call.

To learn more about how iBasis can help with the Multiple Mobile Termination Rate challenge please contact your Account Manager.