The Need for an Open and Neutral Global VoLTE Roaming Eco-system

In the past few months, VoLTE roaming activity level have surged mainly due to operators that rely on 4G for voice roaming and can’t do voice roaming on 3G, like CDMA operators and 4G only greenfield operators. Moving to an all-IP 4G infrastructure is a very challenging process. Learning from field experiences and sharing knowledge is essential to avoid mistakes and ensure a smooth migration.

During the most recent GSMA WAS#7 in Dubai, iBasis hosted the first VoLTE Roaming Greenfield Round Table, which focused on facilitating and encouraging an open and neutral knowledge sharing discussion on VoLTE.

During this session many topics around the implementation and commercialization of VoLTE arose including:S8HR architecture becoming the preferred roaming model; quality, lawful intercept; and handset interoperability. It also became clear that VoLTE provides interesting opportunities for MNOs on inbound roaming and for 2018, with many participants expressing their ambition to implement multiple VoLTE roaming partners.

Although  the value of the benefits that come along with VoLTE, like low latency, HD quality and consequently improved user experience, are recognized,  the need to work on appropriate methods and models is now critical to accelerate revenue opportunities more quickly and make sure to monetize VoLTE investments. That’s also where a multi-service IPX network like the one iBasis deployed can help facilitate and accelerate commercialization.

iBasis is playing a very active part in International VoLTE roll out and in facilitating an open and neutral discussion that will accelerate worldwide VoLTE deployment. Through our latest IPX network implementation and VoLTE deployments, iBasis is committed to ensuring that any VoLTE roll-out scenario is fully enabled, be it interworking or roaming with both architectures LBO and S8HR.

If you are interested in knowing more about the VoLTE Roaming Greenfield initiative hosted by iBasis and KPN and would like to share your own experience with other members please email me at



Building our extensive LTE footprint

With 2018 in full swing, Reach, VoLTE and Analytics remains central to the expansion of the iBasis LTE footprint.  We continue to partner with customers to build and grow and now have more than 530 LTE destinations, with 1.3 billion subscribers covered by our direct routes. Our LTE Roaming solution provides a very high level of quality, scalability as well as a secure and profitable path to new IP based services such as voice over LTE and IoT.  These services are fortified by the unique business analytics of InVision.

Our fast and successful track record has led iBasis to become top 3.  As a top provider we are dedicated to ensuring that our customers are prepared and in the best position to face the upcoming challenges in the international market and to benefit from the next wave of innovation.

Enhanced Performance and SS7 Interface to iBasis Award-Winning Analytics Tool InVision

Enhanced InVision Performance Leveraging State of Art Tier 1 Data Center

iBasis has recently completed a major upgrade to our InVision infrastructure, moving to a top tier facility with state of the art security.  The new infrastructure is optimally designed to enhance data analysis and delivery capabilities.  Critical services such as proactive quality monitoring and business intelligence will benefit from increased speed, redundancy, and security.

The modern Tier 1 facility is also designed to sustain our exponential growth in mobile and IoT/M2M.

InVision SS7 Module Accessible via Same Interface as GRX/S8

iBasis has begun development of our SS7 InVision tooling to provide InVison subscribers the same Graphical User Interface (GUI) as the existing InVision GRX/S8 tool. The GUI has been designed to provide real-time visibility of your traffic performances.

Once theSS7 tooling is complete, the existing Diameter modules will be integrated in the same GUI.. With this integration you will have consolidated access to all of the different traffic types of traffic and can easily select any traffic pattern you would like to review.

We will continue to provide regular InVision updates via our email tips.  If you have not subscribed to receive InVision tip updates please email today.

InVision Analytics Tool
InVision SS7 Module

Free Calls to Mexico City from

The Pingo Team sends our most sincere thoughts to all those affected by the earthquake in Mexico City, Mexico. We know that it is critical to stay connected to family and friends during this time of devastation caused by natural calamities.

Pingo users can make Free Calls to Mexico City, by using a Local Access Number for the United States, from September 23rd to 30th, 2017.

The iBasis Call Quality Routing team is dedicated to ensuring the highest call quality in response to these natural disasters. For more information, you can contact our Pingo Customer Service team via phone +1 888 878 8838, by email, 7 days a week, from 10AM EST to 12:00 Midnight EST.

If you experience any problems, please contact:

Stay Safe,

The Pingo Team



Staying Connected During the Hurricane Crisis

The severity of Hurricane Irma is enormous and continues to cause catastrophic damage that has devastated many islands in the Caribbean.

It is critical to stay connected to loved ones during this time of crisis.  iBasis is dedicated to supporting people affected by disaster.  To help people stay connected we will provide all USA Pingo users free calling to affected destinations from September 9th – 11th, 2017.

The free calling destinations include:

  • Anguilla,
  • Antigua and Barbuda,
  • British Virgin Islands,
  • Dominican Republic,
  • Haiti,
  • Nevis & St. Kitts,
  • Puerto Rico,
  • Turks & Caicos,
  • St. Maarten, and
  • US Virgin Islands.

We send our thoughts to all those affected by this deadly storm.


At WAS in Macao, we unveiled a new marketing campaign with a new slogan “Collaboration:  It’s in Our Nature”. Collaboration is our day to day focus to better serve you but also our strategic focus to jointly create new solutions that will result in new growth opportunities. That’s why this collaboration is articulated around 3 key strategic pillars for 2017: Partnership + Adaptability + Excellence.

Competition, commoditization, global digitization are disrupting our world of telecommunication and technology is not the only way to differentiate and innovate. Although technology can be a driver, that’s not enough to succeed: we need to collaborate with you on solutions and move, together, toward a new and exciting era with new opportunities.

We help you create additional revenue streams – terminating Voice, Roaming, and IoT traffic. We develop creative business models like flexible cost structures, to better deal with roaming traffic surge or regional expansion to support LTE roaming growth. That’s why we are the Partner of Choice.

The recent expansion of our collaboration with Turkcell is just one example of how we are focusing on building win-win partnership, using our different capabilities to generate new revenue opportunities for both of us and strengthening the international communications ecosystem

We enable you to lead the market by using tailor-made technical and commercial solutions that can evolve through insights gained through InVision, our powerful analytics capability.

Our service and event management team can help you cost-effectively and pro-actively manage  the explosion of data roaming expected for this summer and confidently enter the new Roam like Home era in the EU. >> Read More.

Bring the best user experience to your customers. Our solutions are based on a single state-of-the-art IPX network focused on high-quality routes with exceptional redundancy, diversity, service management, and quality monitoring tools.

>>  Learn more about our latest VoLTE deployment with SK Telink and lesson learned to ensure the best voice quality delivery. 

We are very excited for the future and truly believe that the driving force behind our new theme, is you, our customers, how we connect, interact and collaborate, IT’S IN OUR NATURE.




Expanding the Horizon of VoLTE

National and International Trade

Since the beginning of time people have been involved in trade, which involves the transfer of goods or services from one person to another. First locally, and later across borders. International trade of goods and services has taken place throughout history with classical examples such as the ‘Salt Road’, ‘Amber Road’, and ‘Silk Road’. In the Telecoms Industry, trading minutes is commonplace, especially across borders, where international communication has become an indispensable part of our everyday life.

Moving to VoLTE to the International Arena
As described by Adam Smith in his book “Wealth of Nations” merchants looked for an “absolute advantage” by learning to exploit their domestic strengths in the search of new economic opportunities. VoLTE, Voice over 4G, is as domestic strengths that Carriers are bringing from the national stage to the international voice market in order to find new opportunity in this highly competitive market. iBasis is proud to be a frontrunner, together with partner SK Telink, servicing the international VoLTE of MNO’s KPN Mobile and SK Telecom.

Today more than 100 domestic VoLTE Networks around the world are operational. A few of these are nationally interconnected, e.g. in South Korea, USA, Kuwait and China. Mobile operators in these countries provide their local subscribers with VoLTE’s high quality clear voice experience and fast data access across the domestic footprint. However, these national networks are like walled gardens with no actual connection to the broader world beyond the domestic borders, thus limiting the customer’s experience to their home market.

Milestone in VoLTE Interworking
Together with South Korean partner SK Telink, iBasis recently achieved a milestone in VoLTE interworking. As of May 2017 live VoLTE traffic began between mobile carriers, KPN in the Netherlands and SK Telecom in South Korea. The connection between these two domestic mobile carriers was facilitated by the IP networks of iBasis and SK Telink. The first international end-to-end VoLTE traffic! With a concerted, effort the KPN Mobile and SK Telecom subscribers are now able to call each other with a crystal-clear voice quality across boundaries, operators and borders.

With this breakthrough the march toward international VoLTE commercialization is also moving forward. High-quality voice service encourages usage on the mobile network, deterring users from seeking alternatives. Combined with global availability, they can become key competitive advantages for mobile network operators.

iBasis and SK Telink Take the Lead
iBasis and SK Telink are providing the IPX interconnectivity between the mobile networks of KPN and SK Telecom. The iBasis IPX is a single multi-service IP interconnect service to interconnect operators on a global scale with guaranteed quality and security, and offering mobile operators high-quality routes, redundancy, and diversity.

So, besides national VoLTE, we are proud to now expand the horizon with international VoLTE. If you are interested in learning more please contact Kees Hol, Product Manager for VoLTE at iBasis

Complete the form below to request a copy of the recent International VoLTE Interworking presentation.

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Service Management – How Dedicated Analysis & Management Support Work

By working very closely with our customers, we have observed the real challenge of keeping up with high consumer demand, especially during high peak traffic periods, while expanding LTE roaming footprint globally. That’s why we put in place a service management team, very knowledgeable about analytics but also about our customers’ roaming business, operational requirements and business objectives.

The iBasis service management team can help you:

  • Identify the root cause of problems faster;
  • Act proactively to prevent failures impacting roaming business;
  • Optimize capacity planning during peak period; and
  • Prioritize and accelerate its LTE Roaming reach.

Preventing Outages Thanks to Enhanced Visibility of Potential Network Errors

iBasis service management provides analysis and identification of failure cases, including routing and configuration errors and asymmetric traffic, which mobile customers may encounter while roaming in the visited network. The iBasis Service Management team immediately corrects the failures by developing real time alerts, running analytics reports and reaching out to the Mobile Operators and Peering partners in order to solve problems as quickly as possible.

Our advanced InVision tooling capabilities also provide in-depth visibility into service performance, direct linkage to customer view and subscriber abilities to seamlessly utilize roaming services. The proactive identification of the incident enables quicker identification and resolution, resulting in enhanced responsiveness to network disturbances, both within and outside the iBasis domain.

Improving Capacity Planning

The rapid rise of data traffic is putting mobile networks under strain, especially during peak periods. It is critically important to increase network capacity, to avoid congestion and any kind of bottleneck. However, capacity increases should be the result of strategic and detailed planning to gain the maximum value from the network over the year.

The iBasis service management team advises on the best capacity increase options based on traffic analysis and forecast. The team is working very closely along with iBasis event management planning to devise the best plan and increase the capacity of their IP transmission in order to avoid future congestion problems.

Opening New Destinations for New Roaming Revenues

Other challenges for mobile operators include effectively managing scarce operational resources without jeopardizing roaming revenues. In fact, if managed appropriately among various departments, some challenges, such as prioritizing new LTE destinations, can reveal new revenue opportunities.

Using the iBasis InVision analytics platform, the iBasis service management team analyzes specific country view details, including where multiple users are trying to roam but can’t and experience all the transactions failing. Based on transaction failures, the service management team will make recommendations and prioritize where to open new LTE destinations to get immediate incremental revenues.

But they won’t stop there. Thanks to iBasis’ existing relationships within the worldwide mobile roaming community, the iBasis roaming and regional teams are able to coordinate between multiple mobile operators in order to facilitate completion of new agreements between mobile operators and consequently accelerate the opening of LTE destinations.    

Tangible Results from Service Management

You can benefit from a dedicated operational interface who knows you, has access to all network history and can immediately direct you to any network errors to solve issues and help drive revenues.

Talk to your account manager now to know more how Service Management can help you.