With near real-time alerts and an intuitive, customizable system, we help you minimize your risk and protect your customers from fraud.
  • Cutting edge algorithms analyze CDRs and quickly generate alerts when fraud is suspected
  • Configured to analyze traffic, set thresholds for alerts and generate alerts via email or the customer portal
  • Increased visibility and speed to proactively respond to suspicious traffic

Protect Revenues and Customers

With the telecom industry facing a $46.3 billion annual loss due to fraud you can’t afford not to protect your business.


By analyzing all your CDR’s with cutting edge algorithms to detect any suspicious traffic, FraudAlert lets you protect your business. Its near real-time alerts empower you to take action and block the fraudulent traffic streams.

FRAUDALERT Plus iconective

iBasis is working with iconectiv and incorporating their numbering data into a customer’s call flow on the iBasis network. Customer’s no longer have to create an internal project with capex and resources to integrate the iconectiv numbering data into the network.

SMS Firewall

Helping you guard against unwanted SMS traffic before it enters the network, the iBasis SMS Firewall service protects your network from unsolicited SMS traffic caused by spoofing, flooding, faking and spamming, as defined by GSMA IR.70. The service uses a cloud-based, subscription model, so you avoid the large up-front costs of installing an SMS firewall on your own premises.