Leverage our efficiency, quality and innovation to maximize your voice business today and migrate to HD Voice and VoLTE.
  • Robust VoLTE trial environment to ensure your readiness for international VoLTE and VoLTE roaming
  • Global IPX network providing access to 1,000+ destinations in 240+ countries and territories
  • Flexible product portfolio for mobile, fixed, OTT and broadband Service Providers
  • Customized solutions for wholesale operations


Ensure your readiness for international Voice over LTE and VoLTE roaming.

Premium Voice

Premium quality voice with advanced features such as CLI and Fax over IP or TDM networks.

Premium Voice over IPX

Premium Voice and HD Voice, leveraging iBasis’ global IPX.

Certified Voice

High quality, economical voice termination with full market coverage.


Near real-time alerts and a customizable system that helps you minimize your risk and protect your Voice revenues.