The shortest route to securing your LTE roaming revenues and achieving a global LTE roaming footprint.
  • A growing global footprint with access to all LTE roaming networks
  • Diameter Routing Agents (DRAs) on all continents for maximum service quality
  • LTE signaling, data, voice, combined with advanced reporting, analytics, troubleshooting and intelligent alarms
  • True multiservice IPX for guaranteed and differentiated quality for all services


LTE Signaling eXchange (LSX®)

Providing immediate Diameter Signaling access to all active LTE and GSM mobile operators

LTE Data eXchange & GRX

Providing rapidly scalable, global and high-speed, high-quality 2/3G and 4G data roaming access, prepared for unprecedented traffic growth

LTE Roaming intelligence tools

Increasing service quality and decreasing operational cost with advanced traffic reporting and alerting on network and subscriber level


A clear migration path to VoLTE, including a trial environment to ensure rapid and effective launch of international service