We don’t sell you technology, we collaborate with you on solutions.  To us, that approach is only natural.


We help you create additional revenue streams – terminating Voice, Roaming, and IoT traffic. We develop flexible cost models, to better handle roaming traffic surges. That’s why we are the Partner of Choice.


We enable you to lead the market by creating unique technical
and commercial solutions supported through our powerful analytics that speed up opportunity identification and action.


Bring the best user experience to your customers. Our solutions
are based on a single state-of-the-art IPX network focused on
high-quality routes plus exceptional redundancy, diversity, service
management, and quality monitoring tools.

Our Managed Services Solution – Making Your International Business More Successful

Our Core Business is focused on International Communications

  • Continual investment in our systems, network and people
  • Best in class applications and systems
  • Near Real Time Data Analytics
  • Modern, robust network
  • Partnerships to bring market leading solutions that improve profit and competitiveness of our Customers

Partnerships with iBasis for Managed Services provide a win-win

  • 10-20%  reduction in cost to terminate voice globally
  • Access to high quality global footprint for Voice and Mobile with 400+ directs
  • Up to 95% reduction in losses due to fraud
  • Simplified operating costs

Flexible solutions designed for our Partners’ businesses


Origination Based Routing and Blocking Solution – Managing Your Cost in a Challenging Environment

  • 25% of Global Voice Market has Origin Based Rates
  • Complexity for rating, routing and billing has increased exponentially
  • A# blocking service by iBasis can simplify and improve visibility into costs and routing
  • Want to know how to improve your management of Origin Based Rates?
  • contact: products@ibasis.net


International Inbound Services – A Growing Business in a Declining Market

  • 25% Growth for International Inbound services estimated in 2018 driven by OTT’s
  • Virtualization has become key to delivering services such as conferencing, eSIMs, PBX solutions
  • Partnering with iBasis facilitates our partners to capitalize on the above trends
  • Our IIS offer includes 120 countries + covering geographical numbers; freephone; and mobile DIDs SMS enabled
  • Ordering services is easy using our portal or API’s
  • Want to know more? Come see us at ITW or contact us via: Products@ibasis.net


Partners can Maximize Profits and Minimize Fraud Risk with our Fraud Prevention Solution!

Protecting Your Profitability
iBasis Fraud Management Solution is one of the most advanced fraud solutions in the market, combining reactive and proactive elements for better detection and prevention of voice fraud
FraudAlert, advanced technology that analyzes call data in real-time for much faster fraud detection. It includes Automated blocking and disconnection of live calls to eliminate fraud quickly and efficiently.
iBasis incorporates iconectiv’s world class numbering data into a customer’s call flow on the iBasis network, invalidating calls to high-risk, unassigned, and IPRN ranges before they connect.

Request  the latest information about the iBasis Fraud Management Solution:

Visit us at Suite #427 for a full demo of FraudAlert our comprehensive Fraud Management Solution.