iBasis Launches InVision™ Advanced Business Intelligence Tool for LTE Roaming


BURLINGTON, Mass. — February 3, 2015 — iBasis, a KPN company, today launched InVision™, a sophisticated monitoring, alarming and reporting tool that provides mobile operators comprehensive visibility into their LTE Roaming service performance and usage on different network levels. With InVision, service providers analyze, troubleshoot and solve network and service performance problems across IP networks in near real time.

Solve issues before impact
Using real-time LTE roaming traffic data generated from the network, InVision provides operators highly granular views of application, network and subscriber performance. The tool proactively monitors key service quality parameters and provides alarms for core services such as signaling and data. This enables proactive monitoring and predictive analysis that helps operators resolve issues very quickly, often before the end-user experience is impacted, which contributes to better overall user satisfaction and enhanced competitive power for the operator.

“With InVision, we are helping operators to deliver the best possible user experience and maximize the value of their LTE Roaming service, while reducing the operational costs associated with trouble-shooting, issue resolution and customer dissatisfaction,” said Chris Lennartz, Director of Mobile Product Management for iBasis.

The iBasis LTE Roaming Solution
iBasis offers mobile operators the shortest route to securing LTE roaming revenues and achieving a global LTE roaming footprint. A single point of access provides operators entry to iBasis’ live 4G (LTE) signaling network with Diameter Routing Agents on all continents for maximum service quality and more than 175 LTE destinations in more than 80 countries. iBasis provides a full portfolio of LTE signaling, data and voice capabilities combined with the InVision advanced monitoring and reporting tool. The iBasis LTE Roaming solution uses the iBasis multiservice IPX for guaranteed and differentiated quality for all services. iBasis also offers a robust trial environment for testing LTE roaming scenarios and VoLTE.

About iBasis
A wholly-owned KPN company, iBasis is a leading international voice carrier and provider of value-added services for mobile operators.  The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of voice termination and data services, including messaging, signaling and roaming, for many of the world’s largest fixed and mobile operators, as well as OTT service providers. Find out more about iBasis at www.ibasis.com.