iBasis Wins LTE Roaming Product of the Year at LTE North America Awards 2015

LEXINGTON, Mass. — November 24, 2015 — iBasis, a KPN company, announced today that its InVision™ quality monitoring and management tool for LTE Roaming was named the LTE Roaming Product of the Year at the 2016 LTE North America Awards.

InVision enables mobile operators to enhance their subscribers’ roaming experience by proactively alerting operators to performance issues, often before they impact subscribers, and by providing operators full visibility and control over their LTE roaming traffic through a fast and intuitive interface.

“Being able to deliver a consistently high-quality roaming experience can be an important differentiator for mobile operators,” said Ajay Joseph, CTO of iBasis. “By providing near real-time visibility of network performance down to the subscriber level, InVision gives our LTE Roaming customers a powerful tool to ensure quality and to capture opportunities for revenue growth. We’re very pleased to receive this recognition from the LTE North America Awards judges.”

About the iBasis LTE Roaming Solution
iBasis offers mobile operators the shortest route to securing LTE roaming revenues and achieving a global LTE roaming footprint. A single point of access provides operators entry to iBasis’ live 4G (LTE) signaling network with Diameter Routing Agents on all continents for maximum service quality and a growing global footprint that includes all active LTE and GSM mobile operators. iBasis provides a full portfolio of LTE signaling, data and voice capabilities combined with the InVision advanced monitoring and reporting tool. The iBasis LTE Roaming solution uses the iBasis multiservice IPX for guaranteed and differentiated quality for all services. iBasis also offers a robust trial environment for testing LTE roaming scenarios and VoLTE.