Turn Data into Action
  • Increases revenues by targeted offerings
  • Prevents service issues (before end-user notices) by proactive trouble shooting
  • Monitors subscriber service level in detail
  • Reduces operational costs (OPEX)
  • Resolves customer complaints more rapidly
  • Provides access to key traffic details in seconds

InVision™: Bringing Visibility to LTE Roaming

LTE subscribers demand excellent quality, particularly if they are paying a premium for it. And they expect that excellence to continue when they are roaming. A bad roaming experience can lead not only to missed roaming revenues, but to increased churn among your most valuable customers.

iBasis’ InVision enables you to enhance your subscriber’s roaming experience and increase your competitive power by turning near real-time data into actionable information. InVision is a powerful monitoring, alarming and reporting tool that enables a higher quality of service than ever before by proactively identifying and solving issues (often before the end-user even notices a problem) and providing you full visibility and control over your LTE roaming traffic. This advanced tool provides visibility into key service quality parameters and alarms for core services such as signaling and data – all in near real time.

InVision service snapshot:

Daily and Monthly Key Diameter Signaling Reports:
– Volumes and success rates;
– Number of roamers; and
– Location update success rates, and more.

World Quality service map with:
– Drill-down capabilities to country and individual mobile operator level;
– Fast and focused service troubleshooting;
– Advanced subscriber-level diameter signaling troubleshooting tool; and
– VIP subscribers special attention capabilities, and more.