Webinar: Building Trust in Telecom Networks Through Signaling Security Intelligence

Brand Protection, Customer Retention, Revenue Loss Prevention

In this on-demand webinar hosted by experts from iBASIS and Positive Technologies, and moderated by Kaleido Intelligence, learn about the latest trends in telecom security threats, while also examining the recent implementation of regulatory measures to protect end-users and the potential impact on operators’ business.
  • In 100% of security networks tests, subscriber information was disclosed
  • 77% of deployed firewalls are bypassed, according to security assessments
  • Subscriber Denial of Services happens 93% in SS7 and 100% in Diameter, critical for massive IoT
  • 7% of company’s share value lost, in the first 14 days of a public disclosure of the security breach


  • Major signaling security threats
  • Latest regulatory-compliant measures enforced in Europe as a global tendency
  • Security deployment scenarios and evaluation
  • Key impacts on operators business and reputation
  • Why SS7, Diameter, and GTP protocols will remain even in the era of 5G
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Florin Neamtu has over 25 years’ experience in electronics research and mobile telecoms in engineering and product technical/marketing roles. He is responsible for the introduction of new and innovative products into the signaling and data for the roaming market. Since 2011, Florin successfully launched iBASIS GRX/IPX services and LTE Diameter Signaling services and was instrumental in rocketing iBASIS IPX Network to Number 1.*

In 2014, Florin launched iBASIS Award winning analytics platform – InVision, and under his leadership expanded the platform features to fully address international roaming traffic quality requirements. Florin is currently leading the development and market strategy of the iBASIS signaling and data security portfolio while driving strategic partnerships to implement unique set of solutions for the mobile roaming market. Florin Neamtu is an active participant of GSMA Fraud & Security Working group and a passionate in cyber security research.

*ROCCO IPX Network Vendor Benchmarking Report 2020.

Jimmy Jones’s experience in telecoms spans over twenty years. Throughout his career he has filled a variety of positions including multiple engineering roles within major operators such as WorldCom (now Verizon), Nortel and Genband, as well as more commercial positions allowing him to assembled a wide ranging industry knowledge. Jimmy joined Positive Technologies in 2017 to help telecom clients secure their networks in a period of unprecedented change, and has become a regular contributor to the telecom security discussion in the media.

Having worked in maintenance, commissioning, integration and protocol interoperability he is able to deep dive the problems Positive Technologies Researchers uncover. Having that level of understanding allows him to extract the core of the problem and explain it to protocol experts as well as a less technical audience.

Steffen Sorrell is Chief of Research at Kaleido Intelligence. He is an experienced data analyst and has authored numerous articles and reports covering IoT and mobile technology strategies. He is the lead analyst for IoT Roaming and Managed Connectivity Services at Kaleido Intelligence.

Steffen is vastly specialized in market sizing and forecasts alongside leading bespoke consulting services for global technology brands. Steffen is a regular keynote speaker and panelist at technology industry events.

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