Origin Based Rating – The iBasis A-Numbering Handling Solution

The way of buying and selling voice calls in the EEA has evolved in the last few years. Voice traffic terminating in many European destinations and comprising nearly 20% of the world market is now subject to multiple rates, depending on where the call comes from.

In the past carriers used to charge for calls based on the destination and on the location where a call was terminated. This made rating very straight forward. In the last few years however, to increase their profits, carriers modified their operations to bill calls based on their origination in addition to the destination.

Understanding this complex routing and billing is critical, especially for the operators that do not have capability to route and bill multiple rates for a single destination. Those providers have a tough decision to make – accept the costly surcharges, chase the business away, invest in development to support MMTR routing and rating, or find a trusted carrier to handle it for them.

For quite some time now, iBasis is in the position to help its partners and provide solutions that route and rate calls based on the origination of a call.

To learn more about how iBasis can help with the Multiple Mobile Termination Rate challenge please contact your Account Manager.


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