How will your business get ahead of digital transformation?

Explosive data growth. Increased traffic complexity. Commoditization of legacy services. Decreasing value. The host of challenges faced by operators is rapidly increasing in an era of digital growth, transition, and intense competition from new market entrants.

Empower your business to embrace digital disruption. Expand into the growing ICT market by committing to end-to-end digital transformation, while managing the traditional connectivity market.

Be first in your market by partnering with iBASIS to respond to the demands of Voice, Mobile Data, and IoT, while you:

Maximize Opportunity and Profitability

Get Ahead of Customer Needs

Disrupt the Competition

Your value proposition delivered on world-class technology and infrastructure. Grow and thrive in a rapidly expanding ecosystem. Perform and transform to lead in the digital era.



First to new markets. First to new customers. First to new revenues. First in the digital era.

iBASIS is the leading communications solutions provider enabling operators and digital players worldwide to perform and transform.

Ask us how we can help you optimize your voice, mobile data, and IoT connectivity.