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The pandemic is resulting in a new global order of work dynamics. The emergence of A2P SMS usage is driven by new messaging traffic types, growth in transaction confirmation, authentication, one-time password use, notifications, and alerts. Governments, health authorities, agencies, and businesses are increasingly relying on A2P SMS for time-critical and interactive communications with end users.

While the growth of A2P SMS messaging is accelerating globally, mobile operators have yet fully capitalized on its potential for conversion into significant revenues. Grey routes and unauthorized channels also emerged, leaving MNOs with managing damaging traffic leakage.

iBASIS enables MNOs and MVNOs to monetize international A2P SMS traffic with a single engagement model through a complete set of managed services that ensure traffic selection and network protection.

Global A2P SMS Market
by 2026
$ 0 B

Research and Markets – January 25, 2022

Grey traffic of total MNO traffic in 2021
0 %


Estimated loss of revenue
in 2020-2024
$ 0 B



Designed for MNOs, so they can maximize their messaging revenue while improving subscriber security by protecting their networks from spam, threats, and grey routes that cause revenue leakage.

One comprehensive, managed services solution to constantly monitor traffic and identify new revenue opportunities.

  • Independent Next Generation Tier-1* SMS Firewall Partner Provider
  • 24/7 Managed Services
  • Regular SMS Firewall Efficiency Test
  • Monetization Strategies

Monitor ALL entry points of Mobile Networks to avoid leakage and gives back full control to the Mobile Operators.

Multiple types of bypass that are covered by iBASIS SMS Firewall:

  • International routes with no AA.19
  • Miscellaneous Aggregators
  • Exploit – Lower Interconnect Rates or Mutual Forgiveness
  • Lower Intra-Group Rates<
  • Untrusted Large Accounts
  • SIM Boxes and all-you-can-eat SMS tariff plan

Optimized Rates  |  QoS  |   Control  |  Greater Subscriber Protection  |  Global Access to Largest Service Editors


The end-to-end monetization solution provides MNOs with next generation firewall technology and management services, strengthened by regular external network penetration tests.

GSMA's Fraud & Security Working Group (FASG)
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Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF)
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  • Incremental monetization – levy charge for inbound A2P SMS traffic
  • Network protection & traffic selection – embedded SMS managed firewall provides rule-based filtering of incoming A2P SMS traffic
  • One point entry for all incoming A2P SMS traffic – simplifies inter-connect with fragmented A2P universe
  • Build aggregate termination demand – leverage iBASIS’ existing business relationships with large A2P SMS originators


  • Flexible Pricing Model
  • Option for No Capex & Opex Model
  • Combination of Exclusivity or Non-Exclusivity
  • Revenue Share or Volume Commitment

Claroo Ecuador iBASIS was selected by Claro Ecuador to become its authorized carrier for the monetization of the entirety of its A2P SMS messaging traffic.
The iBASIS SMS Firewall solution ensured monitoring of all entry points a leak detection, while preventing the growing types of SMS fraud such as “smishing” or SMS phishing scams.

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