Relax and Enjoy Your Summer Vacation with Advanced InVision Tools!

As the northern hemisphere of the world rapidly approaches the summer vacation season, many of your subscribers, and perhaps even you, plan to enjoy a vacation.

iBasis is here to make sure that you can just relax! Our technical teams monitor international traffic 24/7. When traffic goes beyond 70% of the installed capacity, an alarm is triggered so you are immediately informed and can take proactive action to avoid traffic disruptions.

With InVision you can also receive intelligent alarms about any issues with your data traffic so you know exactly where to focus in case service begins to degrade. InVision changes the paradigm from reactive to proactive by eliminating the burden of tracking monitoring screens!

The advanced algorithm in InVision takes key parameters into account, such as traffic success rates and number of subscribers affected, and ranks the alarms to facilitate your work. So, with InVision you will be able to ensure high quality service for your subscribers traveling. And, for the inbound subscribers that you welcome on your network, you will be able to monitor quality and take proactive action when needed. – to maximize and increase your revenues.

Get Hands-on experience with the iBasis InVision GRX Analytics tools.  Try out intelligent alarming and other key features with A Free trial. Simply complete the form below to start your Free InVision Trial!

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