The Internet of Things (IoT) and Key Concerns in Roaming For MNOs

The first observations in Latin America

The Internet of Things
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a far-reaching concept. It is revolutionary in several areas for roaming services and is changing the landscape with new requirements and needs from MNOs. iBasis recently had the opportunity to present at WASL WG, a GSMA organized event for LATAM MNOs in Panama City on in April 26th, 2017. The topic: our strategy to provide worldwide reach for IoT devices and help MNOs to grow their revenues with new businesses at a global level. Here are some observations and experiences shared by the MNO participants.

 MNO Challenges and Opportunities with IoT
After presenting the iBasis strategy on how we work together with and support MNOs, we were able to validate and conclude that this topic is still very new. IoT can generate a new revenue stream that not only affects roaming departments, but also other local M2M groups within the MNO. If we focus on the roaming groups’ concerns as of today, we notice that the main concern is about how they should adapt the roaming rates based on the new behavior of devices or “things” with SIMs when they are roaming. Since most of the time these devices consume low BW and generate high volume of signaling, the current roaming agreements are not adjusted to this reality. An additional concern is the fact that some international devices become permanent roaming elements due to the international deployment of a device that is not going to move once it is deployed on-site. This creates issues when permanent roaming is not allowed.

In both cases, the major challenge of the MNOs is to identify these “things” or devices in their networks, become aware of their behaviors, prevent extra costs in their network services, and generate sufficient revenues to maintain productivity in this new reality. In order to help MNOs do this, we need to provide the tools that will faciliate their adaptation to this changing technological environment.

New IoT Business Opportunities for MNOs are in Early Stages
Another topic that is important to MNOs is understanding the new businesses associated with the “Internet of Things”. Previously we were trying to identify how they could adapt their current services to fit this new environment. It is just as important however to create new business practices and services to engage. After discussing this with several MNOs, we concluded that the understanding of the their potential revenues and their role in the global environment is still in an early stage. A couple of facts make these changes problematic for MNOs.

First, MNOs tend to focus only on the local or domestic environment where they have permission to operate. Second, the devices or “things” are no longer equivalent to individual subscribers as they previously were. Third, devices can be manufactured in one country and deployed in others. Lastly, there is much variability in the likelihood for those devices to travel or not travel. The combination of these things means that MNOs are facing a unique challenge that will require help from other players in the industry to ensure their continued growth and that they take advantage of the global nature of this new system with more transnational relationships.

iBasis’ Role in IoT
iBasis’ new role in the Internet of Things addresses the challenges MNOs are facing and at the same time help IoTSPs to take advantage of all the benefits available from the variety of MNOs around the world. iBasis IoT network services reduce IoTSP and MNO costs as well as increase the revenue for all the players involved. This will help the “Internet of Things” grow faster and expand its global reach.

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