Webinar: 5G Roaming – MNO Requirements and Opportunities

In this webinar hosted by Kaleido Intelligence and iBASIS, the panel discussed the findings of a 5G roaming survey and white paper, “5G Roaming: MNO Requirements and Opportunities,” as available to download below.

During this session you will learn about the key feedback from the MNO survey conducted by Kaleido Intelligence and will discuss the latest insights from iBASIS’ IPX experiences.

Topics included:

  • 5G Roaming Deployment Plans
  • How COVID-19 has Impacted Mobile Roaming
  • Operator Priorities & Requirements for 5G Roaming
  • Expected 5G Roaming Deployments, Traffic and Revenues
  • Essential Ingredients to Ensure 5G Success
  • The 5G Roaming Roadmap From 2020 – 2027 and Beyond

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