Back to the Future: Why an Industry Pioneer Decided to Bring Wholesale Voice Back into Focus

The market has spoken: Wholesale is here to stay. In decline? Unquestionably. But with more than 30 billion minutes in 2015, making up 20% of the international voice market, those players who dare stay in the game will continue to reap the rewards of their perseverance.

How do we determine if we have what it takes to be one of those players? Carriers continue to consolidate and exit the market at breakneck pace, spurred by the pressure of thinning margins and fierce competition.

Three major factors help us gauge longevity potential:

  1. 1. Economies of scale: Go big or go home
  2. 2. Network reach: It goes without saying that global coverage is a prerequisite
  3. 3. Trading expertise: You have to know what you’re doing in order to stay relevant

Does iBasis fit the mold? Our company pioneered VoIP technology and thrived in the trading-heavy Wholesale voice market of the late 90s and early 2000s. Recent years, however, we have brought increased focus on Premium traffic streams and a lack of attention to our Wholesale roots. When we revisit the above key factors, we check all the boxes;

  1. 1. A billion-dollar company with offices across the globe and constant innovation in automated systems and new technologies
  2. 2. Connections to virtually every major operator worldwide
  3. 3. 20 years of experience in international voice

Now how does iBasis deliver a quality Wholesale voice product that will meet (and hopefully exceed) the expectations of a hungry market? Simple. We listened to our most valuable resource: our customers. Their message was clear, with two basic demands above all:

  • Cost
  • Quality

First, by refocusing on active buying, we are able to improve relations with our vendors and get the best rates available, which in turn allows us to drive down our cost base and pass on competitive pricing to our customers. Second, by readjusting our systems and processes, including spending over $1M to develop an industry-leading 24/7 quality management system in Proactive Monitoring™, iBasis ensures stable and reliable quality for our customers so that they can focus on growing their business.

iBasis is back in the Wholesale game with Certified Voice – are you ready to play?

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