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GCCM Interview with CEO Alexandre Pébereau

In this CC Executive interview, Wida Schmidt, CEO at CC and Alexandre Pébereau, CEO at iBASIS sit together to discuss the latest developments at Tofane Global and iBASIS, and the current focus and investment plans of both companies.

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First 100 Days: DIMOCO Messaging & The Future

Marking the first 100-day milestone of the DIMOCO Messaging acquisition and integration journey, watch this 3-minute video update to find out how the integration has progressed, market opportunities, new capabilities available to customers, and iBASIS’s vision for the future.

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IoT Now Ajay Joseph’s Interview

iBASIS Chief Technology Officer and IoT Head Ajay Joseph sits with Matt Hatton of IoT Now to discuss why simple, open flexible and automated connectivity is enabling the new wave of mass-scale global IoT deployments.

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When Engaging In A Cellular IoT LPWA Deployment, More Than Just The Device Hardware Must Be Considered – Part 2

Depending on the network technology available or the vendor equipment used in constructing a particular MNO’s network, that MNO will most likely implement LTE-M or NB-IoT, but usually not both. That’s because, depending on which camp the network vendor is in, it is easier for the MNO to upgrade their existing core network equipment to support LTE-M or NB-IoT. From a network deployment perspective, the following market observations should be considered with respect to each LPWA technology.

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The Voice of Our Customer – Atlantic ACM Benchmarking Results 2022

Over the past several years, iBASIS has invested heavily in continuing to improve our systems and align our programs and resources to best support our customers. The strong relationships that we have fostered with our carrier partners and the multiple prestigious awards that iBASIS has won in the last year for Mobile, IoT, and Voice services demonstrate the result of these efforts. We are dedicated to maintaining this momentum, and our key focus remains on ensuring that you are pleased with iBASIS services and support.

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