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iBasis helps customers control Multiple MTR costs

If you are paying attention to the regulations on termination rates around the world, by now you know that there is a new way of buying and selling voice calls in the European Economic Area. Voice traffic terminating in many European destinations and comprising nearly 20% of the world market is now subject to multiple rates, all depending on where the call comes from. These are massive traffic streams with more complicated rating and routing requirements and this presents a challenge that most telcos aren’t equipped to face today – not if you want to maintain your market share and avoid costly invoice surprises that is!

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Addressing the Vulnerabilities of VoLTE

Mobile operators around the world are launching Voice service over their LTE infrastructure (VoLTE) as the primary voice solution for their LTE subscribers. Unlike traditional circuit-switched voice, VoLTE exclusively uses IP packets over the LTE core network. Regardless of whether the call is domestic, international or roaming, is free of charge to the end user. Such a collective operational decision among the GSMA community simplifies the process of billing and settlement among MNOs, however it introduces a vulnerability for exploitation from some adversaries.

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