Webinar: Realizing the Private 5G Opportunity

9 AM EDT  |  3 PM CET

Private Networks are undoubtedly one of the biggest industry’s hottest topics, as 5G connectivity looks to open up new use cases and drive deployment traction. With no shortage of industry hype around the topic, grounded insights are essential to educate firms looking to develop business offerings to enable future deployments.

Our upcoming webinar will do just that, sharing new insights based on industry survey respondents from Connectivity Service Provider players to give detailed insight into market opportunity and need.

Join Kaleido Intelligence and iBASIS on June 15th to see the new survey-led findings, alongside insights from Kaleido’s leading Private Network research. You’ll hear inputs from those working on the ground and have a chance to ask all your questions about what connectivity needs to enable Private Networks now and in the years to come.

Webinar agenda:

  • Views from the industry. Survey findings, growth & use cases by industry vertical.
  • Views from the ground. Enabling 5G private networks and best practices.
  • Panel discussion. Expert inputs & audience questions.
  • Final comments & close.

All participants will receive a copy of the survey findings, delivered through a new White Paper launched during the event. There will also be a chance to get your questions answered during multiple panel sessions.

Presented in partnership with:


Steffen Sorrell

Chief of Research, Kaleido Intelligence

Maïssa Jamli

Senior Product Manager,
5G & Innovation, iBASIS


Jon King

Chief Commercial Officer, Kaleido Intelligence

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