iBASIS Steps Forward to Lead the Market in Protecting Customers’ US Traffic in Light of STIR/SHAKEN Ruling Impacting Voice Industry

With the STIR/SHAKEN FCC ruling regarding the prevention of robocalling into the US, iBASIS has implemented proactive measures on several fronts designed to address the FCC ruling requirements while at the same time working to enable uninterrupted traffic flow for all legitimate traffic into the United States for our customers. To achieve this, iBASIS has fortified its network to support transparent pass-through of authentication tokens, implemented extensive upgrades to iBASIS’ industry-leading fraud protection ecosystem to detect and eliminate illegal robocalling and other fraud types, and put in place enhancements to its operational processes related to robocalling.

iBASIS’ upgraded FraudLock iQ360™ system delivers the maximum protection for carriers, utilizing intelligent and highly configurable algorithms, numbering plan validation, and real time performance to detect and prevent fraudulent activity including identification and automated discontinuation of robocalls into the US. Our confidence that FraudLock iQ360 is the most robust fraud solution available for voice carriers in the market allows iBASIS to offer customers the first guaranteed anti-fraud SLA, a key benefit for operators in the worldwide effort to combat fraud and an added layer of security in meeting the STIR/SHAKEN challenge head on.

Additionally, iBASIS has implemented customer care measures directly related to addressing carrier challenges associated with the STIR/SHAKEN ruling. The newly developed STIR/SHAKEN Compliance Protocol at iBASIS provides carriers with personalized assistance in evaluating their robocalling mitigation practices where they have not implemented STIR/SHAKEN across their network. This includes analysis of technical and procedural capability to combat illegal robocalling as well as activities associated with Traceback Group cooperation.

To register as a service provider or intermediary carrier, visit the FCC Robocall Mitigation Home Page and click on “Create Account” if you need a CORES account or an FRN (FCC Registration Number). Otherwise, just click “Log In”. The FCC Filing instructions can be found here.