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Let’s Meet at ITW

Please join us at  ITW 2016, 8 – 11 May,  to discuss and share visions, insights and solutions for Making What’s Next Work Globally. Come meet

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You Can’t Fix What You Can’t See.

Up to 50% of your subscribers are in possession of a 4G handset but do not have an LTE subscription or do not have access because of incorrect provisioning. But, you can’t fix it because you don’t know it. In fact, you can’t see it. Our new analytics monitoring solution, iBasis InVision, helps you turn this roaming challenge into active 4G roamers and additional roaming revenues.

“You can’t manage what you can’t see” is a popular axiom at the foundation of iBasis roaming management strategy: maximize visibility across all networks.

The InVision Opportunity Identifier, a new module within the InVision platform, enables you to quickly identify subscribers who own a 4G handset but either don’t have an accompanying LTE subscription or do have one, but were incorrectly provisioned in the system – depriving the user of LTE services for which he/she is paying and very possibly leading to an unhappy customer.

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RCS – Getting A Bigger Audience

61% of MNOs rated RCS combined with VoLTE as a top new opportunity, according to March 2015 Ovum survey. 87 operators in 32 countries are expected to have launched RCS by end of this year, according to GSMA.

RCS (Rich Communication Suite) is a GSMA initiative supported by leading service providers to accelerate the adoption of applications and services that provide an interoperable, convergent, rich communication experience based on the IMS core. The combination of RCS and VoLTE can bring new opportunities for mobile operators. It enables them to upgrade current service offerings to provide customers a richer experience.

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Reality Check: Managing GRX/LTE Migration Smoothly with Guided Execution Plan

At first sight mobile operators can be afraid of transitioning to the new LTE/IP core network and feel they don’t have time for adding such complex operations to their tight schedule. That’s why the iBasis engineering and operation teams have developed a migration guide to facilitate the transition of services and share with mobile customers their roaming & interworking knowledge to support them through the whole process.

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Surviving Summer Roaming Traffic Jams

Better yet, avoid traffic jams by staying up to date on traffic trends and planning in advance the summer “Black Saturdays” high peak roaming traffic in Europe and ensure service continuity.

During the summer, iBasis experienced 8 to 10 fold increase in the number of unique roamers and of LTE signaling traffic compared to last year especially we observed tremendous spikes in roaming traffic during the summer “Black Saturdays” – the weekends marking the highest travel periods in Europe.

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