5G Roaming Opportunities in Asia-Pacific

During this now on-demand webinar, iBASIS EVP Patrick George led a discussion with Mehmet Turunc, Senior Product Manager, iBASIS Mobile Services, and Kaleido Intelligence‘s Chief of Strategy & Insights Nitin Bhas on the impact of COVID-19 on mobile roaming strategies and critical changes that 5G will bring for APAC-based operators which must be addressed if successful deployments, customer experience and profitability are to be achieved. 

The webinar delivers a combination of key takeaways, market projections, critical success factors and best-practice recommendations from iBASIS to help APAC based operators ensure they are preparing to succeed in a 5G era. 

Topics include:

  • Impact of COVID-19 on APAC Mobile Roaming & Recovery Prediction
  • 5G Roaming APAC Market Update: Readiness & Deployment Plans
  • 5G Roaming Traffic & Revenue Projections
  • 5G MNO Requirements & Opportunities
  • How to Succeed: Best Practice & Recommendations
  • 5G Roaming Roadmap: 2021-2027 & Beyond

Click here to download a complimentary copy of the white paper, “5G Opportunities in a Post-Covid-19 Era,” providing deeper insights into the 5G roaming opportunity.