InVision Tip #4 – Intelligent Alerts To Help Prioritize

Did you know that InVision can deliver Intelligent Alerts so that you can prioritize your support resources where it matters most?

If a complete outage for a certain country or destination is detected, the alert will clearly state it is an outage (see screenshot 1).

If there is no outage but partial traffic is affected, creating a service quality impact issue, you will immediately receive an alert and a unique Score Card identifying which problems are most important and should be addressed first. The score card is built using the traffic volumes affected, number of subscribers impacted, and deviation from the expected values, among other input.

The higher the score card (up to 100), the bigger the issue. The alert also indicates which core service is impacted so that you can take immediate actions and safeguard your roaming revenues (see screenshot 2).

Examples of InVision alerts:

  1.  Total Outages – when all outbound and/or inbound traffic to/from a country is affected
  1. Partial Traffic Affected

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