iBASIS Earns Highest Overall Rating in ROCCO 2021 International Voice Carrier Vendor Benchmarking Report

Over the summer, ROCCO Research surveyed MNOs to review how international voice carriers performed over the year. 

The results were just released in their International Voice Carrier Vendor Benchmarking Report 2021 and were collected from 212 MNOs in 146 countries, reflect ratings of 28 International Carriers and provide valuable insights into performance, based on customer requirements.

iBASIS is ranked #1 in overall ratings.

The exceptional performance ratings given by MNOs are a clear indication and confirmation of the ability of iBASIS to meet customers’ top requirements and effectively perform when it comes to international voice service delivery.

MNOs also recognized the expertise of our teams as they indirectly received highest scores for their Technical, Industry, and Local Expertise, as well as the highest rating for Global Presence. 

This distinguishment illustrates the focus of our iBASIS teams, and lays the foundation for best service to our customers with the highest scores in Value for Money, Flexibility, Simple to work with, Reputation, and Overall Customer Service.

In the area of Premium Routes Quality, one of the top requirements of MNOs, iBASIS received the highest score.

When drilling down into even more specific criteria, iBASIS also achieved the highest rankings for Quality of Standard Routes Provided, Direct Connectivity, Voice IP Interconnections Offering, and Reporting.

We are also grateful to be seen as the most trusted partner in the industry, recognized for our roles as thought leaders, enablers, carriers for key values such courage, inspiration, and dynamism.

These values enhance and enable us at iBASIS to thrive thanks to our unique position as an independent specialist and true collaborator.

We are thankful to our customers and teams that we are working and partnering with. 

We will continue to build strong relationships and trust to carry us all towards new opportunities for growth.

Source: Rocco International Voice Carrier Vendor Benchmarking Report 2021