Championing Seamless Connectivity with the #1 IPX Network

#1 IPX Kaledio IntelligenceGuillaume Klein, VP, Product Management, iBASIS

As we navigate through the peak travel seasons, the surge in data traffic has become a recurring theme, underscoring the importance of robust capacity management for mobile network operators (MNOs).

The summer weekends, traditionally a high point for travel, witnessed a notable 30% increase in organic roaming traffic compared to the previous year. This escalation in the summer of 2023 is not only in line with our projections but also attests to the meticulous planning and preemptive solutions provided by the iBASIS team for our IPX customers.

Our proactive approach in scaling up, which involved the activation of new 100G connections and augmenting roaming capacity for several MNOs, culminated in a seamless and unimpeded roaming experience for users globally. This foresight and preparation were instrumental in managing the data deluge effectively.

Events of global interest further amplify traffic peaks. For instance, during the F1 Grand Prix, we saw Dutch travelers drive up outbound roaming traffic by a staggering 70% as they tuned in to cheer for their champion driver, Max Verstappen. This surge is a testament to the unwavering spirit of sports enthusiasts and the need for MNOs to anticipate and manage these spikes efficiently.

In Portugal, the visit of Pope Francis was a significant event that doubled the usual roaming traffic. Millions converged on the country, creating an unprecedented demand for network capacity. The recent establishment of an iBASIS Point of Presence (PoP) in Lisbon was timely, enabling us to bolster the infrastructure of Portuguese MNOs and ensuring they could offer high-quality connectivity to the multitude of inbound roamers.

Looking ahead to the summer of 2024, we anticipate another bustling season with major events like the European Football Championship in Germany and the 2024 Olympic Games in France. Preparations are already underway to reinforce our customers’ networks so they are primed to handle the expected influx with ease.

We at iBASIS, recognized as the #1 IPX provider by Kaleido Intelligence, remain committed to excellence and innovation in handling peak traffic demands, data traffic explosions, and capacity management, ensuring our customers are always one step ahead. iBASIS is proud to score for the third time in a row as #1 IPX supplier and Champion in Roaming Analytics & VAS, Fraud Management, and Signaling Firewall Security.

Listening to our customers’ needs is at the core of our product development strategy, and we have been driven by the demand from our clients to ‘’EXPAND, MONETIZE, INNOVATE, and PROTECT’’.

Through strategic foresight and a relentless focus on quality, iBASIS continues to pave the way for seamless connectivity experiences, reinforcing our status as a leader in the global IPX domain.

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