iBASIS: A Tradition of Excellence in International Voice Services

International Voice Carrier Market Impact Report 2023

In an era where communication is key, iBASIS has consistently demonstrated its excellence. For three consecutive years – 2021, 2022, and 2023 – iBASIS has been recognized as a Tier One Carrier in the ROCCO International Voice Carrier Vendor Benchmarking Report, a testament to its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

For 2023, ROCCO’s Report looked at the specific value indicators of 32 international carriers, with results collected from 227 MNOs from 132 countries. iBASIS came out on top for Tier One players for Performance, Performance+, Leadership , General Rating, and Overall Rating.

iBASIS outperformed carriers in Performance categories such as Reputation, Value for Money, Industry Expertise, and Flexibility and dominated the Leadership category in nine out of 11 indicators: Global Presence, Trusted, Innovative, Enabler, Dynamic, Courageous, Inspiring, Local Expertise, and R&D Investment.

The report, which surveys MNOs to review how international voice carriers have performed over the year, highlighted iBASIS as only one of two carriers with an excellent Net Promoter Score (NPS). Its pioneering work in IP Interconnection Readiness, Reporting, and Implementing AI/ML for Routing were also highlighted by MNOs, exemplifying its innovative spirit. Moreover, its leadership qualities are crystal clear – iBASIS is seen as dynamic, trusted, and a beacon of inspiration in the industry.

iBASIS had set the standard in the industry in the 2021 ROCCO survey. With the highest overall rating amongst 28 international carriers, iBASIS showcased its strength across various facets of service delivery. Excellence in Premium Routes Quality was voted as MNOs’ top requirement that year, and iBASIS was top in delivering those needs along with its Quality of Standard Routes. Direct Connectivity, Voice IP Interconnections Offering, and Reporting coupled with unmatched Global Presence also set it apart in a competitive landscape.

Building upon its 2021 achievements, iBASIS continued to excel in 2022. It maintained its top position in multiple areas, including: Reliability (achieving a perfect score), Industry Expertise, Transparency. iBASIS has made significant strides and excelled in its Net Promoter Score. iBASIS’s commitment to delivering the best Value and Flexibility while maintaining a strong Reputation were also recognized and have remained central to its continued success.


In 2023, iBASIS has been declared as a Trend Setter, with the highest Trust and Dynamic ratings in the international voice industry. iBASIS not only rolls out great innovations, but its customers can also be confident in its products and services as it pushes the boundaries and consistently rolls out innovations to the market.

“It is never easy to reach a leadership position, but it’s even more difficult to maintain it,” the 2023 ROCCO report states. “To stay here is an expensive proposition. Although companies in this quad can charge a premium for their international voice services, they must also spend a higher proportion of their revenues on R&D (research and development).” iBASIS has consistently maintained its position as a market leader by continuing to invest in R&D, and regularly adding new innovative features and functionality to its solutions.


iBASIS stands out from its competitors not only for its General Rating but also for having been hailed as a Money Spinner. “Companies in this quad have managed to combine high General Rating scores with high Brand Recognition scores. This means that the international voice services that these companies provide is not only perceived to be valuable but in addition to that, it is also well-established and well-known in the industry,” added the 2023 ROCCO Report.

“Companies in this quadrant are best placed to enjoy success in the long run. These companies have successfully managed to create the perception that they not only know what their customers want,and can meet their customers’ demands, but have also done a great job in ensuring that the industry recognizes them. It would serve other businesses well to follow them and learn how and what they do well and perhaps use that as a blueprint for success.”

“The consistent top rankings in the ROCCO reports are more than just accolades for iBASIS; they are a reflection of our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our customers, partners, and teams, whose support and collaboration have been integral to our success,” said Edwin Van Ierland, CEO, iBASIS Voice & Mobile Data.

“Looking ahead, iBASIS remains committed to pushing the boundaries of international voice services. Our focus is not just on maintaining the high standards we’ve set but also on fostering strong, trust-based relationships with our customers, for whom we continue to innovate to create new opportunities, services, and revenues in an ever-evolving digital landscape. iBASIS is continuing to truly execute its promise to its customers to: BE THERE FIRST!”

Join a proven journey of continued excellence and get in touch to learn more about how iBASIS can elevate your international voice service experience and drive your communication needs forward. Together, we will explore new possibilities and achieve greater heights.

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