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Combonet + iBASIS

Enabling Borderless Global IoT Connectivity

iBASIS was selected by Combonet, a digital wireless mobile network and trusted “ provider of mission-critical telecommunications in Belgium, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, to expand its applications, IoT connectivity and mission-critical communications offerings.

iBASIS’s global IoT Connectivity offering and fully featured remote programmable SIM (eSIM) management capabilities were identified to help unlock new levels of speed, reliability, security, and scale for critical voice, data-only, and machine-to- machine (M2M) services. As a result, with a single Combonet SIM card the critical 4G and 5G broadband services are possible over multiple networks on a global scale.


  • High-bandwidth global connectivity and redundant routes to multiple public networks in over 180 countries and 500+ networks.
  • Multi-network SIM cards eliminate additional roaming charges for Combonet.
  • The Combonet SIM cards dynamically identify and automatically connect to the strongest signal available to maintain connectivity if one or more providers fail.
  • Lower costs with optimized deployments, with a single cloud-based management platform and a single point of contact within Combonet.

““iBASIS’s independent backbone network coverage, in addition to Simfony IoT and CMP features, enables our Combonet Wireless Voice and Data 4G/5G SIM and eSIM technologies to transform the way every team performs, regardless of industry or location, with mission-critical connectivity and global coverage.”

Philip Vercruysse
Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Combonet Group​