At WAS in Macao, we unveiled a new marketing campaign with a new slogan “Collaboration:  It’s in Our Nature”. Collaboration is our day to day focus to better serve you but also our strategic focus to jointly create new solutions that will result in new growth opportunities. That’s why this collaboration is articulated around 3 key strategic pillars for 2017: Partnership + Adaptability + Excellence.

Competition, commoditization, global digitization are disrupting our world of telecommunication and technology is not the only way to differentiate and innovate. Although technology can be a driver, that’s not enough to succeed: we need to collaborate with you on solutions and move, together, toward a new and exciting era with new opportunities.

We help you create additional revenue streams – terminating Voice, Roaming, and IoT traffic. We develop creative business models like flexible cost structures, to better deal with roaming traffic surge or regional expansion to support LTE roaming growth. That’s why we are the Partner of Choice.

The recent expansion of our collaboration with Turkcell is just one example of how we are focusing on building win-win partnership, using our different capabilities to generate new revenue opportunities for both of us and strengthening the international communications ecosystem

We enable you to lead the market by using tailor-made technical and commercial solutions that can evolve through insights gained through InVision, our powerful analytics capability.

Our service and event management team can help you cost-effectively and pro-actively manage  the explosion of data roaming expected for this summer and confidently enter the new Roam like Home era in the EU. >> Read More.

Bring the best user experience to your customers. Our solutions are based on a single state-of-the-art IPX network focused on high-quality routes with exceptional redundancy, diversity, service management, and quality monitoring tools.

>>  Learn more about our latest VoLTE deployment with SK Telink and lesson learned to ensure the best voice quality delivery. 

We are very excited for the future and truly believe that the driving force behind our new theme, is you, our customers, how we connect, interact and collaborate, IT’S IN OUR NATURE.




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