Customer experience management is emphatically the top priority for operators, with 68% of participants citing it as their number one strategic priority, and 82% viewing it among their top-three priorities over the next three years.

“Customer experience management has become the center of gravity for all strategic decision-making.”    (Ernst & Young, Global Telecommunications Study: Navigating the Road to 2020)

Ernst & Young also concluded that the desire to put customers front and center in everything they do is also driving operators to focus on agility, efficiency and network quality. Network quality remains a vital differentiator for most operators.


The complexity of managing traffic volumes and reach
As mobile traffic volumes and footprint grow, MNOs require enhanced service quality and commitment from their international partners.  It has become critical (or essential) to track and proactively monitor traffic performance and deliver optimized quality of experience (or quality of service?).

Based on the global market changes, including “roam like home” regulations and new requirements from our customers, we have expanded our service management practices in order to help you gain incremental value.

Delivering a customized service management portfolio
Customer experience management is at the heart of our interaction with our customers and drives much of our technology development and innovation. We optimize our operations and processes so we can quickly and effectively address our customers’ changing requirements. .

iBasis’ service management portfolio includes a broad range of technical, operational and commercial services to support your roaming business. A customized service management plan is designed for each customer, with flexibility to adapt to your specific requirements.

Service Management provides the operational interface for:

  • Technical assistance + escalation support
  • Network performance monitoring
  • Proactive identification of service disturbances and resolution of events
  • Launch planning; commercial support in opening roaming destinations
  • Operational cooperation between multiple entities

Any abnormal findings, irregular behavior or capacity issues need immediate attention to prevent outages or degradation of service. Therefore, we provide our customers with a single, integrated point of contact for escalations, network quality monitoring, performance management, reporting and analytics.

iBasis service management can adapt to differing market and operator type to ensure maximum return on investment and optimized monetization of roaming services, while also minimizing impact of service interruptions.

Please contact your Account Manager who will work closely with you to create a customized service management plan for your roaming business.



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