Mobile operators are eager to recoup their large investments in LTE in the form of increased profits and subscriber satisfaction.

And yet, according to our research, many operators aren’t effectively monetizing their existing LTE-ready subscribers. In fact, as many as 60% of subscribers with LTE handsets don’t have LTE rate plans that would enable them to take advantage of that functionality.

Operators that aren’t effectively marketing LTE subscriptions and larger data plans to LTE-ready subscribers are leaving revenue and margin on the table despite the heavy investments they’ve already made. In addition, they’re not providing those subscribers with the LTE quality experience.

Commercial Opportunity identifier
The Commercial Opportunity Identifier module of iBasis InVision™ helps operators solve this dilemma by identifying subscribers with LTE handsets that either have not purchased an LTE subscription, or whose subscription was incorrectly provisioned (thus depriving the user from the LTE services he/she is paying for). InVision enables the operator to efficiently customize compelling offers and leads those subscribers to the superior service experience of LTE. The net result: happier customers and increased profits from larger data rate plans.

Based on a smart combination of parameters, the Opportunity Identifier traces and indicates if the identified opportunity is a pure commercial one (where the mobile operator needs to contact the subscriber to sale a 4G subscription) or a provisioning error (where the mobile operator has to review the setup of the LTE subscription in its systems to make LTE roaming work). By analyzing traffic passing through its networks, iBasis can identify whether mobile operators providing LTE services to their end-users can improve the monetization of their LTE investments to a smaller or larger degree. In the example below, a feature the Opportunity Identifier provides, some operators have a services opportunity of 26% for their subscribers; others even around 60%.

In cases where the subscriber’s LTE subscription was incorrectly provisioned, InVision enables the mobile operator to take proactive measures to correct error and again benefit from greater customer satisfaction and profits.

Opportunity Identifier

The Benefits of iBasis InVision
InVision provides other insights, including the roaming subscriber’s country and network location and the type of handset being used, which enable operators to customize its offerings and capture additional revenue. The bottom line is that it is completely unnecessary for you to leave money on the table. The iBasis InVision team can help you identify many opportunities for growth.


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