What is InVision?
InVision (Intelligent Vision) is the iBasis LTE Roaming intelligence solution. It is a powerful monitoring, alarming and reporting tool that supports a higher quality of service by providing full visibility and control over an operator’s LTE roaming traffic and proactively identifying and helping operators to solve issues (often before the end-user even notices). It enables customers to enhance their subscribers’ roaming experience and increase their own competitive power by turning near real-time data into actionable information.

Soon also for GRX/S8
InVision is currently available for Diameter Signaling. We plan to launch the service for GRX/S8 data traffic during Q4 2016.

Fast and easy troubleshooting for this type of data traffic in international networks proves to be very challenging today. Mobile Operators have serious difficulties monitoring international GRX/S8 data traffic and getting insights into what their subscribers are experiencing as they roam abroad. They are unaware of errors occurring in foreign networks that can potentially impact many subscribers. By the time they hear their customers’ complaints, it is too late; the subscribers are already back at their home networks and justifiably unhappy. This can lead to significant revenue losses and a decrease in your customer satisfaction. The same applies to inbound traffic from which mobile operators lose significant revenues they should easily earn.

Prioritizing Urgency and Severity
We are expanding our successful InVision tool to provide a solution that helps turn GRX and S8 roaming challenges into additional revenues from happy roamers. Using real-time GRX/S8 roaming traffic data generated from the network, InVision/GRX provides operators with highly granular views of service, network and subscriber performance via a clear and highly intuitive dashboard.

The tool is especially useful for employees responsible for Service Quality, Interconnect and Roaming, as well as the NOC and technical deployment/network engineering. InVision GRX/S8 enables fast troubleshooting by prioritizing incoming alarms based on the relative impact each problem has on your subscribers and business. As a result, you solve the most important issues first and quickly. InVision also provides insight into the network and roaming service, as well as visibility and verification of successful traffic migration.

Focusing on What Matters Most
Thanks to its unique algorithm, InVision for GRX/S8 enables mobile operators to focus their resources on what matters most: solving errors swiftly and enabling subscribers to roam carefree. Deployed within the iBasis network, mobile operators can get instant access to InVision for GRX/S8 without investing Capital or launching an internal project to be connected.

For questions or more information, please feel free to email me: fneamtu@ibasis.net.



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