How FraudAlert™ Helps Retail Carriers

International revenue share fraud (IRSF) is one of the biggest crimes taking place in telecom. Yet, how often do you read in the news about a crackdown on criminal organizations using stolen smartphones or hacked PBXs to pump thousands of minutes’ worth of phone calls to international premium rate numbers? Not often, most likely.

As much as they’d like to protect legitimate service providers and their customers, law enforcement entities just can’t keep up. The international nature of IRSF makes catching and prosecuting fraudsters across borders too burdensome and cost-prohibitive. For this reason, as an international voice carrier, you need to protect yourself.

iBasis has developed FraudAlert™, a proprietary fraud-management system designed to assist our retail carrier partners. FraudAlert strengthens their fraud-management ecosystem to better detect and eliminate IRSF. Watch this brief animation to learn more about IRSF and FraudAlert.

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