How SS7 Analytics Can Optimize Your Business Profitability

SMS Fraud is estimated to cost the messaging industry $7.7 billion annually in lost revenue*. Multiple initiatives are being taken to protect consumers and the industry’s revenues.  iBasis takes the SMS fraud problem seriously  and  has developed an innovative, cost effective method to identify SMS fraud, ensuring you can protect your customers and your revenue.

Our approach relies on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in order to develop advanced software that can immediately impact your business. Artificial Intelligence provides a  powerful advantage in combatting fraud  enabling you to proactively protect against fraud  rather than having to wait to be impacted by SMS fraud and it also eliminates the need to investment in large deployment projects.

We recently enhanced InVision, our powerful analytical software suite, to continuously meet high level of security that the SS7 environment requires. Our latest SS7 analytics developments include:

  • Fraud issues classification based on real time importance
  • Network operation department support to focus on the most important ongoing problem.
  • Instant SMS fraud Identification, at no additional cost, as part of the advanced SS7 analytics capabilities!

InVision SMS fraud discovery and alarming, complying with IR71 and IR82, deployed on top of our SS7 service, enables you to rapidly reduce the reduction in the amount of revenue that is eroded by sophisticated SMS schemes at no extra cost.

InVision is a turn-key solution that does not require any CAPEX investment or support costs.  And there are no limitations on scale.

With InVision SS7 you will be immediately alerted about possible fraud cases and will be able to quickly access the phone numbers, IMSI’s and network equipment used to commit fraud enabling you to instantly take actions to stop any fraud activity to protect and improve your business’ profitability.

Contacts us to discuss with us what we can do to support you in protecting your revenues.

*Capacity Media, June 2018

Our 3 Key Takeaways From Mobile World Congress 2018

The Mobile World Congress is a premier mobile event. It is poised to keep getting bigger every year as mobile starts to morph into digital. Sometimes hailed the Mobile Walking Congress also includes a Crowd Manager to help guide thousands of delegates from around the world through the exhibitions enormous labyrinth. But above that, at Mobile World Congress there is always a rise in innovative developments that give way to a new revolution. One that fundamentally changes the way we live, work and communicate.

To refresh your memory, we’ve summarized our own observations in three key takeaways:

1. eSIM

Mobile has transformed the telecommunications market (business and retail). Now it is helping to scale the rise of adjacent technologies like the internet of Things (IoT), soon to influence nearly every type of industry. According to Gartner, there will be more than 20 billion connected things by 2020 and the number of companies offering 4G enabled devices such as smart watches, routers and modems, connected cars and drones at MWC18, proves that we are well underway. On top of that, there is an exponential amount of new 5G equipment on the market including equipment around LTE-M and NB-IoT. In fact, iBASIS tested mobile connectivity with our global eSIM in a partner’s LTE-M module at the show.

Connected devices, especially when they travel internationally across borders, are going to require the infrastructure and enabled networks to operate seamlessly. At the heart of that is the new eSIM (otherwise known as embedded SIM) that will essentially eliminate the need to have a physical SIM card (and SIM slot) and the information on it will be compliant and rewritable by all operators. This means a device can change operator with a simple data exchange. A new SIM will not be required, nor should there be any time delay in switching the eSIM to its new purpose. Without the need to include traditional SIM cards in new devices, technology vendors will be able to create devices that are more interconnected than ever, at the smallest size ever seen. For all that technology to work correctly, it’s going to need to stay connected – and eSIM is going to make that connection simple and reliable.

2. Security

The number of connected devices around the world will offer huge opportunities for companies. Connected devices combined with big data will benefit millions of people around the world, however, the IoT opportunity also has its dangers. With the rise of IoT devices, there is also a rise in vulnerabilities for these devices. Recent hacks have proven this point and the acute need for a more complete security initiative. While some risk is inevitable, the industry must ensure that the balance between risk and reward is right to ensure businesses and consumers adopt the new technology and services enabled by IoT.

The GSMA together with the mobile industry has delivered a set of IoT Security Guidelines, backed by an IoT Security Assessment scheme, to provide a proven and robust approach to end-to-end security.

3. 5G

Although 5G may not at first seem much different than 4G LTE, and eSIM solutions may not seem that much an improvement over the already-miniature SIM card, these technologies are on the forefront of the digital age of tomorrow – and business leaders need to be prepared for the opportunities they’ll bring.

As we move into the world of 5G, a new opportunity of data speeds will be available to consumers and businesses, not to mention the amount of data that will be generated by those. 20 billion-plus devices. Telecom providers are prepared, which is why 5G is going to be such a big deal. Some tech leaders believe 5G will be the next technological revolution – and if the estimated download speeds are on point, which could be up to 10 times the download speed of current 4G, it will be a dramatic change in how users and industries handle their data. To put it in perspective, current 4G speeds can download about one gigabit per second – and that’s only if the user is experiencing optimal performance. With 5G, users will be able to download 10 gigabits per second and have improved connectivity and latency.

That speed means Ultra HD videos can be accessed almost instantaneously, photos can be shared in a heartbeat, and files that were previously too big to easily distribute can become effortlessly and reliably shared between peers. More people across the globe will be downloading even more data, faster, with higher reliability. This will strengthen the opportunity for new devices to enter the Internet of Things and become mainstays of businesses and households across the globe.


No one can foresee what technology 5G and eSIM will produce. In any case, iBASIS can help you with keeping them connected worldwide with guaranteed End-2-End security, rooted in GSMA standards. iBASIS Global Access for Things is a global mobile connectivity solution for things worldwide. With our global network capabilities and more than 20 years of experience in the field of empowering connections, we are your global operator of access for the connection of things. Regardless of what new devices 5G and eSIM bring into your organization, iBASIS is prepared to offer the connectivity solutions your business needs to thrive in the age of the Internet of Things.

The Power of Proactive and Reactive Fraud Protection

Anyone in the fraud prevention space implicitly understands the need to continually adapt and improve Fraud Management Systems (FMS) to be able to react to fraudsters’ latest innovations. The Voice Telecommunications industry is no exception.

To ensure that the iBasis Fraud Management System, FraudAlert, can react to the latest innovations in Fraud, we have enhanced and improved FraudAlert. The enhanced FraudAlert now combines reactive and proactive elements for better detection and prevention of voice fraud techniques such as International Revenue Share fraud (IRSF) and the Wangiri/One-ring scam.

Exclusive Reactive Algorithm

A patented, unique algorithm is at the core of our FraudAlert solution. Our in-house developed algorithm is fed with “real-time” active call details, enabling our new technology to monitor, analyze, and evaluate calls while in session. Unlike traditional FMS which only analyze call data records (CDRs) once a call is completed (i.e. CDRs), the enhanced FraudAlert system significantly reduces fraud detection processing, which at the end of the day minimizes our customers’ fraud related losses.

Proactive Fraud Detection and Prevention

iBasis is working with iconectiv, integrating its authoritative numbering data into our FraudAlert system for fraud detection and prevention. iconectiv provides robust, reliable and accurate numbering data that includes unallocated, IPRN and other high-risk number ranges which are often used for terminating fraud traffic. Invalidating calls to these high-risk ranges at the ingress of our network, ensures that our customers’ traffic is protected.


By combining our FraudAlert algorithm with iconectiv’s authoritative number data, our customers benefit from a comprehensive, state of the art, fraud prevention solution.

To learning more about iBasis’ FraudAlert capabilities and schedule a demonstration please email us at

How FraudAlert™ Helps Retail Carriers

International revenue share fraud (IRSF) is one of the biggest crimes taking place in telecom. Yet, how often do you read in the news about a crackdown on criminal organizations using stolen smartphones or hacked PBXs to pump thousands of minutes’ worth of phone calls to international premium rate numbers? Not often, most likely.

As much as they’d like to protect legitimate service providers and their customers, law enforcement entities just can’t keep up. The international nature of IRSF makes catching and prosecuting fraudsters across borders too burdensome and cost-prohibitive. For this reason, as an international voice carrier, you need to protect yourself.

iBasis has developed FraudAlert™, a proprietary fraud-management system designed to assist our retail carrier partners. FraudAlert strengthens their fraud-management ecosystem to better detect and eliminate IRSF. Watch this brief animation to learn more about IRSF and FraudAlert.