How an Energized Antifraud System with SLAs & Revenue Share is Powering Business Growth at Wholesaler iBASIS

Dan Baker, Editor, Black Swan Telecom Journal, interviewed Malick Aissi, Vice President, Business Assurance and Risk Management, iBASIS about the new upgraded iBASIS anti-fraud system, commercial offer, and the Do It Yourself customer portal with reporting.

Read the intro below, then read the interview.

When you consider telecoms lose — year after year — billions of dollars to international voice frauds like IRSF and Wangiri, it’s easy to see why so many operators are pessimists when it comes to anti-fraud efforts.

Candidly, many operators have resigned to the fate of “losing a few million Euro a year” from fraud as merely the price of doing business.

But innovators and entrepreneurs look at such problems a bit differently.

They are eternal optimists who recognize that the flipside of every problem is an opportunity.  And if current fraud control solutions are inadequate, then a better designed, more capable solution can please a lot of frustrated customers.

Malick Aissi, Vice President of Business Assurance and Risk Management Services, is one of those optimists.

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