Let Advanced Analytics Improve Your Roaming Business Profitability

by Florin Neamtu, Sr Product Manager, GRX, Analytics

FinanceYour SS7 network is most likely being misused by intelligent SMS fraudsters to earn good money at your expenses. All while you struggle to convince your management to deploy a SMS firewall, looking for the proof and facts they require to invest.

And once you finally deploy the SMS firewall? How do you have assurance that it was properly installed and its rules are up to date?

Investing in a firewall is quite a commitment, so once you roll yours out, wouldn’t you want to be made aware of any misconfiguration as quickly as possible, in real time? Not only to minimize your company’s financial exposure but also to capitalize as much as possible on the investment made?

It’s not surprising then that finding a solution may seem overwhelming and costly for your company.

But accessing such information in a simple and user-friendly way can actually be easy!

Here at iBASIS we have assembled a powerful, cost-efficient, cloud-based solution that optimizes our mobile operator customer’s profitability. And it’s easy to use! When shared with our customers, their response often sounds something like “why didn’t we think of doing it this way before?”

iBASIS analytics can support you and your organization in making your roaming solutions as secure and profitable as possible. Get in touch with us at invision@iBASIS.net or via your account manager to learn how.

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