InVision: Enhanced Functionality, Troubleshooting and Security

iBASIS updated InVision with a series of upgrades designed to enable you to gain full advantage of our world-class insights platform. Those include:
●a refreshed, intuitive new Graphical User Interface
●a single user interface across multiple protocols
●the introduction of Advanced Packet Decode troubleshooting capabilities

InVision Diameter Signaling tools use the latest technology to handle massive and complex volumes of data. The improved visual experience now aligns the SS7 and GRX/S8 tools. It powers you with a streamlined user interface and easier navigation through the portal and across data analytics.
The InVision upgrade also set the stage for our upcoming 5G analytics developments.
Additionally, we upgraded security levels to the latest standards to ensure data safety and protect against unwanted data leakages.
At any subscriber level, you can now troubleshoot from a worldwide quality view to a packet decode session, within a few seconds. You gain the same detailed granularity from troubleshooting at IMSI level or when an IREG test is performed, as you would from our support team.

Experience the InVision upgrades by visiting your portal. Should you require assistance or wish to schedule a training session, please contact us at

Wind Hellas Selects iBASIS for Multiservice IPX to Scale 4G Roaming

Wind HellasLexington, MA – iBASIS, the leading communications solutions provider enabling operators and digital players worldwide, announces that Wind Hellas, one of the largest telecommunications companies in Greece, has connected to the iBASIS IPX network to leverage its full, secure and scalable roaming solution. This includes LTE signaling (Diameter/S6) and LTE Data Roaming traffic (GRX/S8), to enable Wind Hellas to scale and enhance its 4G roaming services for roaming Summer spikes.

Through the iBASIS multiservice IPX network, Wind Hellas gains immediate access to iBASIS’ LTE Roaming footprint of more than 660 networks in 180 countries, which represents 1.5 billion subscribers reached via iBASIS’ direct routes. The move enables a high quality roaming experience for all roamers, especially inbound, given the popularity of Greece as a holiday destination.

With the end of roaming charges in Greece two years ago, subscribers are taking advantage of the new Roam Like Home rules, consequently boosting the demand in roaming services. Greece, one of the four top Mediterranean destinations for travelers, drives inbound roaming revenues contributing to the impressive roaming growth in the country.

“To strengthen our leading position in Greece and fully exploit our newly upgraded 4G/4G+ network covering ~95% population, we strive to provide our subscribers and visitors with superior quality and speed, wherever they are from,” said Vassilis Gkatsos, Head of Carrier & Wholesale Services at Wind Hellas. “iBASIS is a very reliable partner to ensure our service is high quality, offering a fully integrated solution for LTE roaming with redundancy. iBASIS enables us to manage the spikes in roaming usage and better anticipate traffic growth and its associated revenues and costs.”

“Working closely with Wind Hellas, we are able to offer the broadest LTE roaming reach and quality in a cost-effective manner. It better equips them to maximize roaming revenues,” said Alexandre Pébereau, Tofane Global Group CEO. “As an innovative mobile operator, Wind Hellas is taking steps to ensure that it continues to deliver the highest quality services for its customers. We’re thrilled to partner and to help leverage our IPX network and LTE Roaming solution to achieve their goals.”


iBASIS is the leading communications solutions provider enabling operators and digital players worldwide to perform and transform. Powered by Tofane Global, iBASIS represents an estimated USD 1+ billion in annual revenue, is the third largest wholesale voice operator, ranks as the Top 3 LTE IPX vendor with 660+ LTE destinations and serves 1,000+ customers across 18 offices worldwide. iBASIS optimizes access, connectivity, and value-added solutions, so customers achieve high return on voice, mobile data, and IoT requirements to be first in their respective markets and in the digital era.

For the second consecutive year, the iBASIS IPX has been ranked as one of the top Tier One IPX Network Vendors, highly rated by more than 200 MNOs for its leadership, i.e. strategic and local expertise and customer oriented- ROCCO IPX Network Vendors Performance Report 2018.


With an annual turnover of €500 million and 1.000 employees, WIND Hellas is among the 50 largest companies in Greece and one of the biggest telecommunications firm. It was founded in 1992 and today serves more than 4,3 mil. customers with converged communication services extending from wireless to fixed telephony & ultra-fast Internet as well as Pay TV. Mr. Nassos Zarkalis is Chairman & CEO of WIND Hellas since 2009.

Believing in the power of a modern world where everything is interconnected and where everything is possible if you are connected, WIND invests 100 mil. € each year in building new generation ultra-high speed networks both wireless (4G, 4G+), as well as landline (VDSL, FTTx) networks all over Greece (Fiber optic network).

Driven by its commitment to offer its Customers an excellent communication experience, WIND is constantly evolving. Customer experience is a strategic priority in every operational activity at all contact points.

iBASIS Partners with Qroam to Enhance Monetization of Long Tail Roaming

QroamLexington, MA – iBASIS, the leading communications solutions provider enabling operators and digital players worldwide, announces today its partnership with Qroam, the first wholesale roaming trading platform.

The profitability of roaming business units has been impacted by regulations, decreases in retail and wholesale roaming rates, substantial increases in data traffic and growth in alternative roaming solutions. iBASIS leverages Qroam trading platform to enable its mobile customers with easier access to attractive commercial roaming rates (Inter Operator Tariffs) for medium to smaller roaming volumes in a more efficient and automated way.

“This is a perfect example of the type of solutions we want to enable our customers with. More  than 65% of operators are not doing more IOT discount deals because of resources and time constraint. Typically 80% of roaming traffic is generated by the top twenty outbound countries. Our partnership allows our customers to also optimize and monetize deals for the remaining 20% of their traffic,” says Patrick George, EVP Product and Business Development at iBASIS.

Exclusively designed for commercial roaming teams, Qroam was developed to provide an automated trading platform to unlock discovery of new outbound/inbound opportunities and revenues, while simplifying the process of setting up and managing discount agreements between mobile operators.

“iBASIS strengthens the Qroam trading platform with greater reach and deeper relationships across the mobile industry. We are excited to leverage the traction and dynamism of its IPX community, touching +1,000 interconnects globally, iBASIS is a tier 1 player in the industry with full mobile network reach for roaming across all technologies, on diverse routing, future proof and with full visibility and control. iBASIS and Qroam are sharing the same mandate and strategy to enable mobile operators with novel, easy to execute and profit-driven solutions,” adds Marcel Wientjen, CEO at Qroam.

In addition to concluding discount deals with medium and smaller roaming partners to generate savings, iBASIS’ customers can select back up partners to guarantee best service, and get special offers to cover short-term special events. Combined with iBASIS’ analytics InVision, operators also gain greater visibility, optimization and control over their traffic with sophisticated alarming and identification of specific IMSI behavior.


iBASIS is the leading communications solutions provider enabling operators and digital players worldwide to perform and transform. Powered by Tofane Global, iBASIS represents an estimated USD 1+ billion in annual revenue, is the third largest wholesale voice operator, ranks Top 3 LTE IPX vendor, serves 1,000+ customers worldwide and brings together 300 employees across 18 offices worldwide. For more information, visit

Peak Performance During High Peak Roaming Season

What a busy few months it has been. We kicked off the peak roaming season with 2.9 million foreign fans travelling to Russia for the World Cup and ended it with 1.7 million international pilgrims attending the Hajj, in Saudi Arabia. When you add some of the hottest weather on record it made for an interesting summer.

At iBasis we began preparing for European summer in the depths of winter. We increased our backbone capacity threefold and completed multiple individual customer upgrades in the spring, thus further strengthening our IPX ecosystem.  We projected traffic expectations with our customers and, based on this profiling, increased capacity in our main data aggregation centers (for example AMSIX) and with our IPX peering partners. We also performed an emergency upgrade within 24 hours, when a customer’s traffic exceeded all expectations.

We were delighted that some of our biggest customers chose to use iBasis for the majority of their traffic and we handled large scale destination migrations for them.

Summer came early this year with the advent of the World Cup in June.  LTE signaling transactions almost doubled in Russia; the majority of which was during the group stage, when fans were able to follow their teams’ progress.

But no matter where they were, at home or abroad, fans all tuned in to see the final few matches, particularly if their team was playing. This created some interesting peaks in data usage.

A lot of extra attention was paid by our NOC to our customers whose countries qualified for the World Cup and we provided regular quality updates and analysis of their traffic. It was wonderful to hear how much this was valued.

As the summer progressed the number of roamers continued to increase. Active roamers grew by 60% year-on-year but the peak volume of data they consumed increased by 82%. Subscribers who benefited from the introduction of Roam Like Home last summer became comfortable using their data allowances abroad.

We wrapped up the high season with the Eid celebration and a 75% increase in LTE traffic to Saudi Arabia for The Hajj pilgrimage and a 250% growth in SCCP signaling traffic.

So as we look to the future we are continuing to add new customers and expand our direct reach while we focus on providing the highest quality network, exceptional customer experience and outstanding value for money.

Roaming in Russia; preparing for the FIFA World Cup 2018

Russia is expecting to welcome over 1 million fans to the World Cup 2018. That’s a million roamers with devices able to send stadium selfies or upload goal footage to social media. The impact on roaming traffic will be unprecedented.

Past large events have taught us to expect roaming traffic in the host country to increase by 2 or 3 times the average, but for some customers this will be significantly higher; as several countries who have qualified for the World Cup do not typically have many roamers in Russia.

But it’s not only roaming in Russia we need to think about. Customers on their summer holidays can’t resist live streaming games.  When the Dutch women won the UEFA European Championship Final in 2017 KPN saw an unexpected 6 fold increase in overall data roaming. Imagine what would have happened if the Dutch had made it to Russia this year!

There’s a lot to think about. We at iBasis already know what needs to be done to take the stress out of the World Cup for you.

Carriers World named us Best IPX Service Provider in 2017 and since then we have quadrupled our network capacity in Europe, so we are ready for all that summer 2018 will bring.

We have customized our Advanced Event Management Program, for you and your roaming partners in Russia, specifically for World Cup. Think of proactive monitoring of the quality between your network and all Russian networks, minute-by-minute analysis of roaming quality during each game and post- game quality statistics including subscriber trend data. This is just a sample of what is included in the program, which is designed to make it easier for you to sit back and enjoy the match.

To learn more about all the different elements of this program do not hesitate to contact me at or your Account Manager.