Fully Prepared for the High Peak Roaming Season

As peak European roaming season approaches, we are finishing our preparations for summer. We completed numerous bandwidth upgrades and added several 100Gbps interconnects in Europe. Our network has been modernized, hundreds of new routes added, and capacity has more than doubled. We are especially pleased that we have added several significant European networks to our customer base this year, and expect that overall roaming data traffic will double this summer as a result.

We developed intelligent alerts in our InVision tool for “high cost networks” which notify in real time, when subscribers/machines slip into non-preferred roaming networks. Significant savings can be achieved by tuning steering systems without having to wait for CDRs from your clearing house.

The InVision platform, a cloud based advanced monitoring, alarming and reporting solution, not only provides you the intelligence to eliminate blind spots in your network and service performance that can affect subscriber Quality of Experience, but also helps optimize your P&L for roaming. We have also enhanced our reporting and alerting capabilities, adding our voice services into our advanced monitoring tools. Additionally, we also expanded our team of service management experts so that we always have eyes on our customer’s traffic.

We are fully prepared to take great care of our customers and their customers over the coming weeks.

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