Providing Fast, Session-Critical Troubleshooting


We are glad to share with you our latest update of the iBASIS InVision™ analytics platform: Advanced Packet Decode Functionality, for highly detailed traffic visibility and accelerated troubleshooting.

Network support and deployment teams such as the IREG testing team can now run a full, in-depth packet decode session analysis quickly and easily.

In a matter of seconds you can open a packet decode session, leveraging InVision research capabilities by directly inserting an MSISDN, IMSI, or IMEI. This is a critical functionality when opening new roaming routes or when systems migration upgrades take place – immediately showing if all is working correctly. When errors occur, the packet decode session provides complete traffic details.

Troubleshooting in 3 clicks – combining packet decode and intelligent alert functionality

We will show you in 3 clicks how to quickly and easily troubleshoot while leveraging InVision intelligent alerts. The score card will immediately show which error is the most impactful and needs to be tackled first. The severity score is calculated in real time by a machine-learning algorithm and calculation parameters including:

  • the number of roamers
  • traffic volumes affected
  • measured deviation from the expected long-term learned quality threshold

If a fault is detected, an email alert is triggered to support teams while also eliminating “false negatives.”

Click 1: InVision link in email alert

By clicking on the InVision link on the email alert above, the user will be directed to the InVision on-line platform for further troubleshooting investigations.

Once at IMSI troubleshooting level, packet decode capabilities can be selected.

Click 2: IMSI Troubleshooting Level

Detailed packet information session will be presented for investigation.

Click 3: Full Packet Decode Inspection with detailed information that automatically deletes after 14 days

The iBASIS InVision team is standing by to run a demo with you to show you the multiple benefits of the tool. Explore numerous scenarios where packet decode sessions facilitate troubleshooting. Get in touch with us at or click here to request your free 30-Day trial of the InVision analytics platform.

About InVision™

InVision is iBASIS’s cloud monitoring, troubleshooting, reporting, and alerting tool. It enables near real time troubleshooting even at IMSI level and proactive alerting complemented with by easy-to-download comprehensive reports for your 2/3/4G international roaming traffic. All this without any capital to invest, no installation fee, and at lower operational cost compared with an in-house solution.

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