InVision: Introducing New High Performance GTP-U Module and New Advanced Features

The iBASIS engineering, operations, and product teams are thrilled to introduce the new InVision™ module, GTP-U, fully designed to meet your roaming requirements.

We have also continued to expand the platform with new features and capabilities to speed up your roaming troubleshooting and facilitate your analysis work for an enhanced customer experience.

GTP-U Module: Unparalleled Visualization of Data Volumes and Speed

For business development and business intelligence teams, GTP-U provides insights into:

  • How many MB’s are exchanged with each country and each network, in and out
  • How many subscribers generate the total MB’s volume; number of roamers per signaling protocols (SS7, Diameter, and GTP-C) comparison
  • Data usage per IMSI and corresponding download and upload speeds, average, and peak
  • Per Access Point Name (APN) MB’s Volume Usage Analytics (important especially for IoT)
  • Upload and Download speed, average, and peak per country and roaming partner
  • Identification of data silent roamers
  • Traffic behavior per GGSN/SGSN/BGW level and per IP address

InVision New Advanced Features


By switching immediately from anywhere between protocols, you can quickly investigate without having to log in for each individually. The tool automatically saves the country and network you started to research.


If you need real-time analysis at packet decode level within seconds from the moment the packet crossed the network (for example, when you do a roaming test and you want to know very quickly what happens) you now have a toggle that will let you type a known IMSI. The information is not stored here for long so you need to be quick!

About InVision™

InVision is iBASIS’s cloud monitoring, troubleshooting, reporting, and alerting tool. It enables near real time troubleshooting even at IMSI level and proactive alerting complemented with by easy-to-download comprehensive reports for your 2/3/4G international roaming traffic. All this without any capital to invest, no installation fee, and at lower operational cost compared with an in-house solution. If you have any questions or want to further discuss capabilities, please contact,

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