Voice business is at our core and we continue to invest in it to deliver great value and the best in class, high quality IP network. iBasis believes that new IP infrastructure delivers multiple benefits and can significantly increase business of our partners.

Migrating from TDM to VoIP has many advantages for operators: support for multiple services (voice, data and video) over a single connection; a flexible network; and high-quality, feature-rich VoIP. The net benefit — a competitive edge in a challenging market and the opportunity to capitalize on first-to-market IP services.

Through our extensive experience, iBasis enables multiservice innovation by understanding how to deal with complexities and interoperability challenges, setting the right priorities and offering dedicated resources. iBasis partners with its customers to ensure a smooth transition from legacy TDM to an all-IP network. We encourage our partners to join the numerous customers we are helping with the TDM to IP migration.

Please speak with your Account Manager about the plans for TDM and how iBasis may collaborate to support your teams.


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