New InVision SIP Module Provides Critical Tracking Options


Does your business require enhanced visibility and actionable insights into VoLTE roaming data as a base for assessing rapidly-changing revenue models? Do you need more valuable analytics on VoLTE roaming quality? iBASIS is pleased to announce its new, exclusive module, InVision™ SIP, which provides critical business insights by extracting VoLTE and SMS over IP roaming KPIs from the GRX/S8 stream.

Commercialize your data roaming traffic – from voice and media to messaging – with a limited one-month free trial of InVision™ SIP.

Sunsetting legacy 2G and 3G networks make VoLTE roaming a necessity for mobile operators to provide service continuity as well as high-quality calling and messaging services. According to GSMA Intelligence, VoLTE penetration is expected to climb to 75% by 2025, while the number of global VoLTE connections is expected to reach nearly five billion. With most calls in roaming placed to their home, the S8 home routing (S8HR) architecture allows calls to be transported over the data roaming service instead over the voice carrier networks. As VoLTE and SMS over IP using S8HR expands to more countries and roaming partners, operators need more advanced tools to monitor and quickly troubleshoot voice and messaging issues.

The new iBASIS InVision™ SIP module is designed to meet VoLTE and SMS over IP roaming requirements.

The powerful insights offered by the InVision™ SIP module – such as country, operator, or subscriber level call and messaging parameters (success rate, length, quality, delay) – advance the commercialization of VoLTE roaming for operators to create new roaming business models and considerable revenues.
For wholesale voice, roaming voice quality, and IMS core operations teams, InVision™ SIP provides insights that can:
  • Identify where “VoLTE/SMSoIP” Voice and SMS services over S8 Home Routing are deployed
  • Track how many users are using voice and SMS
  • Monitor GSMA IR.42 and Voice Quality Parameters such as Mobile Originated and Mobile Terminated SER/ASR, NER/SEER, ISA, PDD, Call Minutes, ALOC
  • Monitor SMS over IP Success Rate and delay
  • Monitor GSMA IR.42 IMS registration success rate and delay
  • Monitor GSMA IR.42 IMS APN signaling & media bearer sessions setup success rate and delay
  • Search subscriber data session setup, IMS registration, voice call, and SMS history on IMSI and MSISDN
  • Share packet decode traces with roaming partners and internal teams

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