Quality Management: Are You Finding Your Customers’ Problems Before They Do?

A recent white paper by network and subscriber intelligence provider Astellia revealed that mobile subscribers expect their operators to fix issues within one hour. Meanwhile, the operators themselves believe they have 24 hours to stay in their customers’ good graces. How can operators bridge the gap to find and fix issues before customers are affected?

One of the biggest challenges in modern telco customer service is to stay ahead of the customer. We live in an instant gratification world, and nobody wants to waste time on a call that won’t go through or is too static-riddled to hear; even less desirable is spending time talking to support and waiting for a solution. Yet many operators continue to rely on customers as their first line of alarming on network problems.

One can imagine the implications of fixing issues before customers experience any pain: trouble tickets disappear; operational costs plummet; customer satisfaction rankings skyrocket. How can this be accomplished? The answer is simple to express, but hard to achieve: sophisticated, near-real-time alarming that allows operations teams to proactively find and fix network issues without having to rely on customers to tell them that something is wrong.

iBasis recently completed development on Proactive Monitoring (PAM): a revolutionary, 24/7 hourly quality alarming system. Driven by advanced algorithms that dynamically calculate quality thresholds based on historical performance, PAM can detect network issues within an hour and proactively adjust routing. What does this mean for iBasis customers? They can sit back and relax, knowing that problems will be fixed before they can even open a trouble ticket; and they can have the peace of mind of knowing that resolution times will actually be in line with what modern users expect.

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