How will you drive greater monetization of SMS A2P traffic?

According to a recent MEF report, SMS remains in a strong position despite the growth of OTTs:

  • Overall, SMS is relevant to 71% of users and OTT apps to 56% of users for business messages
  • 44% of smartphone users only receive business messages in the SMS inbox
  • 27% use SMS and OTT apps equally
  • Only 29% recall messages to their Messaging app only

Source: A2P business messaging report, MEF 2020

The global A2P market is expected to reach approximately USD 50.1 billion by 2023 with a CAGR of 4.7% over the forecast period 2018-2023.

Source: MRFR study, 2020


iBASIS offers a unique model to profitably and securely engage the A2P SMS ecosystem.

With SMS A2P traffic so critical, carriers seek leading platforms and models to drive monetization. 

Optimized Rates  |  QoS  |   Control  |  Greater Subscriber Protection  |  Global Access to Largest Service Editors


iBASIS’ wholesale trading expertise platform and advanced analytics tools offer a comprehensive solution for global and affordable SMS P2P and SMS A2P coverage.


The key features of our SMS A2P capabilities include:

  • Outstanding Direct/0-Hop coverage with continuous growth
  • Global coverage
  • Serving the largest CPAAS Providers, SMS Aggregators, and Services Editors
  • Providing MNOs global coverage for local services

woman texting with a maskDigital transformation has rapidly accelerated to cope with the COVID-19 crisis and new work environments.

A key change is the steady growth of SMS/A2P messages, bringing with it new usage patterns but also, unfortunately, the arrival of new forms of SMS fraud.

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  • Incremental monetization – levy charge for inbound A2P SMS traffic
  • Network protection & traffic selection – embedded SMS managed firewall provides rule-based filtering of incoming A2P SMS traffic
  • One point entry for all incoming A2P SMS traffic – simplifies inter-connect with fragmented A2P universe
  • Build aggregate termination demand – leverage iBASIS’ existing business relationships with large A2P SMS originators

GSMA's Fraud & Security Working Group (FASG)
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Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF)
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