Solving the GRX and S8 Challenges with Visibility

Fast and easy troubleshooting for GRX and S8 data traffic in international networks proves to be very challenging today. Mobile Operators have serious difficulties monitoring international GRX/S8 data traffic and getting insights into what’s happening to their subscribers traveling abroad. They are unaware of problems occurring in foreign networks that can potentially impact many of their subscribers. By the time they hear customers’ complaints, it is too late; the subscribers are already back at their home networks. This leads to both dissatisfied subscribers and a large revenue loss. The same applies to inbound traffic.

Help is on the way! iBasis is introducing InVision for GRX/S8. We have expanded our successful InVision monitor LTE Roaming traffic to provide a solution that helps you turn GRX and S8 roaming challenges into happy roamers and additional revenues.

Using real-time GRX/S8 roaming traffic data generated from the network, InVision for GRX/S8 provides operators highly granular views of application, network and subscriber performance. The tool is capable of fast monitoring and troubleshooting of international GRX/S8 service. Roaming managers and network engineers can now use one tool to better analyze the network, offer higher quality service to their customers and increase the value of the business.

Thanks to its unique algorithm, InVision for GRX/S8 enables mobile operators to focus on what matters most: enabling subscribers to roam carefree. Being deployed within the iBasis network, mobile operators can get instant access to InVision for GRX/S8 without having to invest any Capex or launching an internal project to be connected.

If you are interested in learning more about iBasis InVision for GRX/S8 capabilities or would like to schedule a demo please contact Sr. Product Manager Florin Neamtu at

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