You Can’t Fix What You Can’t See.

Up to 50% of your subscribers are in possession of a 4G handset but do not have an LTE subscription or do not have access because of incorrect provisioning. But, you can’t fix it because you don’t know it. In fact, you can’t see it. Our new analytics monitoring solution, iBasis InVision, helps you turn this roaming challenge into active 4G roamers and additional roaming revenues.

“You can’t manage what you can’t see” is a popular axiom at the foundation of iBasis roaming management strategy: maximize visibility across all networks.

The InVision Opportunity Identifier, a new module within the InVision platform, enables you to quickly identify subscribers who own a 4G handset but either don’t have an accompanying LTE subscription or do have one, but were incorrectly provisioned in the system – depriving the user of LTE services for which he/she is paying and very possibly leading to an unhappy customer.

The platform identifies in which country your roaming subscribers are located and on which networks they are roaming. If the handset IMEI appears in the traffic stream, it will also tell you which handset type the subscriber uses.

Through the InVision platform, the product can capture and analyze millions of traffic flows and give detailed performance metrics, a mix of real-time and historical that includes the following modules:

  • IPX metrics;
  • Diameter Reports;
  • Advanced Diameter Reports;
  • Subscriber insight;
  • Global Quality View; and
  • Opportunity Identifier.

The information captured by InVision can be viewed immediately on-line, as well as in reports that InVision can generate for you.

For the roaming department, capturing and analyzing data is key to understanding performance and taking action to remediate issues before they become problems. With the right data at the right time, you can even be more proactive with your commercial strategies. Generated granular reports can help to personalize commercial offerings and lead to greater customer loyalty. With InVision Opportunity Identifier, roaming managers can see 4G roaming activity (and non-activity) and get actionable insights to trigger proactive measures.

It’s a very valuable addition to the InVision solution, as it supports a wide range of commercial initiatives and, like the other modules, will increase your quality of customer experience. Contact your iBasis sales representative to schedule a pre-launch demonstration.



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