Maximize Your LTE Roaming
  • iBasis LSX® – your complete signaling package:
  • Provides unique maximum worldwide reach and service availability through Open Peering Policy
  • Secures roaming revenues faster as it minimizes the time needed to achieve roaming footprint
  • Provides a consistent high-speed mobile data experience internationally for your end-users
  • Has a best-in-class SLA due to in-house network and redundant DRAs in all continents
  • Is complemented by InVision, a powerful monitoring, alarming and reporting tool providing you with full visibility and control over your LTE roaming traffic


With LSX you have a single point of access to the international 2G, 3G and 4G signaling network and nearly all active LTE and GSM mobile operators in the world. With iBasis providing the signaling, customers experience best-in-class global connectivity. At the same time, operators maximize roaming profits using a proven global MPLS network and running services over a proven multi-service IPX network.